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Sindh Police ASI Constable Salary 2021

The candidates are looking for upcoming jobs in Sindh Police at different positions. In this way, the Sindh Police ASI Constable Salary 2021 is delivering with sort of information. However, according to the Punjab Police, the advertisement is coming through the Punjab Public Service Commission for the candidates. In this way, they are providing the jobs for the different posts in the Police department. However, there are several posts available for Junior Clerks as well as Interpreters. In fact, there is also a post available for the Sub Inspector with the scale of BS 14 in the Punjab Police.

On the other hand, The posts are also available for the Assistant Sub Inspectors in Punjab police for the candidates. On the behalf of the Punjab Police advertisement, we can estimate about the Sindh Police for the ASP jobs as well as the salary. So, in Punjab police, the salary for ASP is the basis on the BS 11 scale for the candidates under PPSC. However, if we assume that the scale is the same and mostly the scale always be same as Punjab as the Sindh Police. So, according to the chart of the Salary for the employee in 2021 is available here. For BS 11 the basic salary is 12570 and HRA is 2778 with respect to this scale.

Sindh Police ASI Constable Salary 2021

Sindh Police ASI Constable Salary

If we add CA and MA with respect to the scale of 11 then we add 2856 and 1500 respectively. However, by the year 2013, the increment is going with 353 for this scale. In this way, if we calculate the increment as per the years from 2013 to 2021. Then the total salary is available here for the ASI post. In fact, according to the Sindh salary chart of BS-11 scale is having a total salary of 27607 per month. So, you can imagine the salary of the ASP in the Sindh police. If the scale is the same as in Punjab then the salary will also be the same in Sindh.

In the conclusion of the ASP Constable salary, there is almost 28K salary in the Sindh Police department. However, if the Scale is BPS 10 then the salary will be roundabout 26k as the total for the month. On the other hand, with the scale of BPS 12, the salary will be 29k for the ASI Constable in Sindh Police. Lastly, if you still looking to know more about the ASI details you can ask us.

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