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Short Essay on How i Spent My Ramadan

Now we are discussing a short essay on how I spent my Ramadan this year so we tell you that this month of Ramzan is a great blessing month. In this month every Muslim has a good chance to remove the burden of sins from their soul. Now I have a golden opportunity to purify my heart and soul after completing the whole fast in the month of Ramadan. According to the Ramadan calendar, it will be starting from 13th / 14th Apr. This year Ramadan will be a very hot season while so we should use the water before Sehri and after Ifitaar because it will be filled a lack of water in the body.

I am telling you eating or drinking unintentionally and suddenly by chance a drop of water slips into the mouth/throat. So the fast has broken while due to qada will fill your mistake. If anyone eats or drinks by chance so he/she doesn’t remember that he is in a state of fasting then his fast will not be broken. In the month of Ramadan, I will spend my wide time in worship / five-time prayers in the mosque at the exact time mentioned in the calendar. We should rise earlier than the fixed time of Suhoor and offer the salah of tahajjud. In the morning and evening time, most time should be spent on the recitation of the Holy Quran. Whenever you want continue frequently throughout the day.

Short Essay on How I Spent My Ramadan

how i spent my ramadan essay

We should avoid completely all sinful acts in the month of Ramada. While also other months of the year. In fact, we don’t need to take separate from food during all fasts even that also avoided especially these things mention as telling a lie, backbiting, quarreling, and fighting with anyone. We should be protecting our eyes, ears, and tongue during the fasting season. The tongue is the cause of destruction and also it is the cause of success.

We must be speaking the truth with others in our homes, offices, and any other public places. When we will be applying these all things in our life during the fasting of Ramadan season. So then Allah gives us great blessings and also we have the right to celebrate Eid Ul Fitr after completing Ramadan Mubarik. Please attached with us the latest updates regarding various other Islamic essays.

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