Short Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place in Pakistan

Here you can find a Short Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place in Pakistan and this essay is very useful for every student. There are many historical places in Pakistan so last week we visited one of those historical places. I visited the historical museum of Lahore with my teachers and many other classmates because that was a trip. Lahore Museum is considered a historical and significant place from all over Pakistan. Because this place shows many art items sculptures and many historical things that will never be forgettable. So, we came to school at 8 A.M and our bus reached Lahore museum at 9 A.M.

A Visit to a Historical Place

When I entered the museum my eyes got stuck Visit to a Historical Place k after seeing the splendid paintings and artworks. That is still alive in my mind. The building is so old but its maintenance takes a lot of time and money That’s why it has become a place to visit. Many forgivers also visit this place to make many memories. Our mobiles and cameras are taken away at the entrance. Because they don’t allow us to take pictures of the wonderful things that are placed in the Lahore museum.

Short Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place in Pakistan

Historical Place in Pakistan

Our teacher met the curator, as the curator is the person. Who is the charge of the museum When we also met him he took us with him and took us to the sculptures and made rounds of different directions of a single sculpture. Many ancient swords and ornaments the glass protection layers. We cannot touch that glass but we see that sword many times I thought that my wish is to take that sword. And make changes in the world as those sword owners do.

A visit to Historical place essay

After that portion round, we went to the second floor and that floor thing is still in my mind. Because there is a huge collection of old coins from the day Pakistan came into being till today. That is an interesting thing and inspires me to collect different coins. Now that thing become my hobby now. Many old pictures are also framed and put in other rooms. We also visited that room with a little description of those pictures. We get back home at 5 P.M but I wish to again visit that splendid historical place.

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