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Short Courses offered in Pakistan

After the exams of intermediate, all the students become free and here check Short Courses offered in Pakistan for their new admissions. They start deciding their field of interest to get admission in university. Once you decide your field of interest then you can do short courses that favor your subject. The purpose of these short courses is to upgrade your knowledge and skills. There are many private and public sector universities offering short courses in all the big cities of Pakistan e.g. Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Faisalabad and many others. Pakistan institute of modern sciences offer different duration short courses. Furthermore Virtual University and Allama Iqbal Open University also offers online short courses. These short courses are beneficial to the students as well as to those who have just started their career and want to gain more skills and degrees. The duration of different short courses vary from 6 months to 2 years.

The list of diploma courses offered by different famous institutes in Pakistan like Modern institute of information and management Islamabad, Skill Development council Islamabad, Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies (PIMS) , Pakistan Bed wear Designing & Training institute Karachi, GC university, TEVTA Lahore, NED university and many other educational institutes.

Short Courses offered in Pakistan

Short Courses offered in Pakistan List Below

1.    Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
2.    Diploma in Broadcasting
3.    Diploma in business Accounting & Finance
4.    Diploma in Civil Surveying
5.    Diploma in Computer Networking
6.    Diploma in E-Commerce
7.    Diploma in Disaster Management
8.    Diploma in educational planning & Management
9.    Diploma in Fire Safety Management
10.  Diploma in general Banking
11.  Diploma in Geographic Information System
12.  Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment
13.  Diploma in Hospital Management
14.  Diploma in Hotel Management
15.  Diploma in HRM
16.  Diploma in Information Technology
17.  Diploma in Income Tax & Custom Laws
18.  Diploma in International Business Management
19.  Diploma in International Relations
20.  Diploma in Islamic Banking
21.  Diploma in marketing
22.  Diploma in Mass Communication
23.  Diploma in Public Administration
24.  Diploma in Project Management
25.  Diploma in Safety management
26.  Diploma in Software engineering
27.  Diploma in Telecommunications
28.  Diploma in Web Design & Management
29.  Diploma in Production Management
30.  Diploma in Accounts Management
31.  Diploma in Auditing
32.  Diploma in Aviation & Airport Security
33.  Diploma in Broadcasting
34.  Diploma in Cell Phone Forensic
35.  Diploma in Communication skills
36.  Diploma in computer Graphics
37.  Diploma in Cooking
38.  Diploma in Criminology
39.  Diploma in Customer Relations Management
40.  Diploma in Cyber Crime
41.  Diploma in Database Communication
42.  Diploma in Early Childhood care & Education
43.  Diploma in Economics
44.  Diploma in Elementary English
45.  Diploma in Data Warehousing
46.  Diploma in Differential Equations
47.  Diploma in Discrete Mathematics
48.  Diploma in Drawing Master
49.  Diploma in Dress Making & Fashion Design
50.  Diploma in Economics
51.  Diploma in Elementary Mathematics
52.  Diploma in Health & Physical Education
53.  Diploma in Hospitality Management
54.  Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
55.  Diploma in Human Relations
56.  Diploma in Human Resource Management
57.  Diploma in Islamic Studies
58.  Diploma in Landscaping
59.   Diploma in Linear Algebra
60.  Diploma in Livestock Management & Dairy Production
61.  Diploma in Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management
62.  Diploma in Mass Communication & Public Relations
63.  Diploma in Microeconomics
64.  Diploma in Money & Banking
65.  Diploma in Neurological Basis of  Behavior
66.  Diploma in Pakistan Studies
67.  Diploma in Public Health
68.  Diploma in School Management
69.  Diploma in Technical Report Writing
70.  Diploma in Textile Technology
71.  Diploma in Transport Management
72.  Diploma in Visual Programming
73.  Diploma in Bioinformatics
74.  Diploma in Library Sciences
75.  Diploma in News Cameraman
76.  Diploma in Refrigerator and Air Conditioning
77.  Diploma in Special Education
78.  Diploma in Bakery Products
79.  Diploma in Auto Mechanic
80.  Diploma in Beautician & Parlor Management
81.  Diploma in Button Making
82.  Diploma in Carpenter
83.  Diploma in Calligraphy
84.  Diploma in Wood Works
85.  Diploma in Carpet Making
86.  Diploma in Chip Designing
87.  Diploma in CNG kit Installation
88.  Diploma in Computer Aided Designing
89.  Diploma in Electric Motor Winding
90.  Diploma in Embroidery
91.  Diploma in Fabricator
92.  Diploma in Electrician
93.  Diploma in General Management
94.  Diploma in Laboratory Technician
95.  Diploma in Photocopier Repair
96.  Diploma in Pottery
97.  Diploma in Professional Photography
98.  Diploma in Social Sciences
99.  Diploma in LCD/TV repair
100.               Diploma in Tailoring
101.               Diploma in Wall Painting
102.               Diploma in Video Film Making
103.               Diploma in Wireless Technician
104.               Diploma in Microbiology
105.               Diploma in Stress Management
106.               Diploma in ECG Technician
107.               Diploma in MRI & CT scan
108.               Diploma in Psychotherapy
109.               Certified Financial Analyst
110.               Diploma in Conservation & Environment
111.               Certified Professional Manager
112.               Diploma in Sports sciences
113.               Diploma in Spoken English
114.               Diploma in Distribution Management
115.               Diploma in Wild Life Management
116.               Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
117.               Diploma in Business Planning
118.               MAYA
119.               Diploma in Graphic Designing
120.               Diploma in Calculus & Analytical Geometry
121.               Diploma in Numerical Analysis
122.               Diploma in Strategic Management
123.               Diploma in Cultural Anthropology
124.               Diploma in Hardware
125.               Diploma in Multimedia Development
126.               Diploma in Java
127.               Diploma in Insurance & Safety

We have mentioned most of the short courses. If you have interest in doing any of these courses then you should search in your native place. These days many educational institutes and academies are offering short summer courses. You should short courses to enhance your skills.

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