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Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021

All are check from here Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021 Form and Fess. Nursing is the most important job in the medical sector as it provides the care of individuals so that they may remain healthy. these individuals are very important who work as nurses in the medical sector because they help people to live a quality life. they help people to recover from diseases and illness and prevention of illness. they help the people who are disable and sometimes even dying. this is the reason that there is a great scope of the nursing in the medical field and they have high demand. lot of people avail the services of nurses for their elderly and handicap family members. like all other countries there is a demand of nurses in Pakistan as well. to meet this demand, there are many teaching hospitals and colleges that are giving education and training to the individuals to become a nurse.

Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021 in take is a step in the same direction. Shalamar nursing college is one of the leading colleges in Lahore, Pakistan that is engaged with the education and training of nurses. they have a sense of providing the people of high intellectuality to the high individuals as nurses to the society. for that, they have just opened the intake for the session of 2021 to carry forward this social obligation.

Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021 For Fees

in the present situation, there is a need of such individuals to the society who can help people regain their optimum health and to save the mankind from dangerous and infectious disease. the details of the Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021 intake are given below for the qualified candidates to apply and gent admission.

Shalamar Nursing College Admission 2021

Programs to apply:

There are numerous programs to apply for different categories. The candidates can select any program according to their qualification and interest.

  • RN BS nursing (Two Years)
  • Specialization in ICU/CCU
  • Specialization in pediatric
  • Specialization in nephron-urology
  • Specialization in trauma and emergency care

Qualified Candidates:

there is different requirement of qualification for different courses. mainly they should be PNC registered nurses with age not more than 50 years.

For Registered Nurse BS Nursing:

Diploma in general nursing with one-year experience.

For Specialization:

general nursing with one-year midwifery and one-year experience.

How to apply:

The prospectuses are available online. For further information, feel free to contact the students affair office of the institute.

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