Shabana Hamad to Contribute for Awarding Scholarships For Talented Students

Shabana Hamad to Contribute to Awarding Scholarships: Finding it hard to overcome emotions before the large audience Shabana Hamad, widow of Syed Hamad Raza, generally considered a martyr of historic judicial movement, announced that she would provide funds regularly for the endowment established at the Quaid-i-Azam University on Monday to award scholarships to deserving and talented students. The signing ceremony of the MoU turned into an emotional affair with many people reduced to tears while remembering brilliant Syed Hammad Raza who not only secured the goa ld medal in International Relations (Quaid-i-Azam University) in 1993 but was also awarded Chancellor’s Medal for his outstanding academic performance.

Syed Hamad Raza was a close confidant of then-suspended Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, and served as his virtual staff officer until his gruesome murder on May 14, 2007. Shabana Hammad presented a cheque worth Rs0.5 million to the Vice Chancellor of Quaid-i-Azam University Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and said merit based and need-based scholarships would be awarded to students of the department of International Relations. Talking to this scribe Shabana Hamad said the murder of Syed Hamad Raza was a tragic incident and she took the initiative in memory of his late husband who always loved his country till his last breath.

Shabana Hamad to Contribute for Awarding Scholarships For Talented Students

“The scholarships programme is a lifetime initiative and I intend to increase number of scholarships in the coming years to also provide opportunities to students of other departments,” she said. Being a mother of two sons and a daughter she realizes the importance of education in the developing country like Pakistan and thinks that the scholarship programme would be the best thing she can give to this country given the fast growing challenges in the education sector.

She said Syed Hamad Raza was a great husband and his murder was a serious blow to the family members as his mother and father died in the span of two years after this tragic incident. Shabana Hamad said there is a need to promote education sector because increased knowledge and awareness can help the people especially youngsters to embark the country on the path of progress and prosperity.

She said endowment fund has been initiated with Rs0.5 million and it would be increased with the passage of time and more and more students would benefit from the scholarship programme launched in memory of the person who was a true patriotic son of Pakistan.

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