SCIL School Admissions 2023

SCIL School Admissions 2023 Fee Structure Uniform and other information that need for admission in the institution. School for contemporary and Islamic learning is one of the institutions that give high ideals of Islamic education. The said school has highly qualified staff and faculty that provide quality education and learning about Islam. Islamic education is the most essential part of the life of Muslims. Most of the population of Pakistan consists of the Muslim community. The whole Muslim community wants to give moral and ethical education to their children.

All Muslims try to search for an institution that can give their children ethical and moral education. For the nourishment of the Islamic community, Islamic education plays a vital role. SCIL is also contributing in it and providing basic education about Islam, Quran, and Sunnah to the children. For this rudimentary purpose, the institute has announced the admissions and is ready for the new intake of the students.

SCIL School Admissions 2023 Fee Structure Uniform

by sending the children to this institute is a reiteration that the children are getting all the information and learning that they need about Islam, Quran, and Sunnah. Such an institution is a dream for a Muslim person to have a school with Islamic knowledge and practice. SCIL is a reality to such a dream of the parents who want an amalgamation of vast worldly education with spiritual Islamic values, beliefs, and norms.

SCIL School Admissions

The real Islamic study helps in all the fields of life such as Engineering, medical, astrology, aeronautics, architecture, and all others that are known. Among all those institutions and madaris that are engaged in all such activities to provide quality Islamic education SCIL has made its own reputation and provides the best Islamic education facility to the students. this is why its strength is increasing with the passage of each year.


The school, like any other public school, has two categories of uniforms. One is for summer and the other is for winter. All the details of the uniform are available on the official website of the School for contemporary and Islamic learning.

For more information about admission, fee structure, and uniform details, please feel free to visit any of the campuses of School for contemporary and Islamic learning SCIL or the official website

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