Scholarship of Peshawar University Tribal

Here looking now for Scholarships for Peshawar University Tribal students not gotten them or 3 years. For the last three years, the students of South Waziristan studying at the Agriculture University of Peshawar have been bungling up the paperwork needed for the purpose. The said students have not been getting their study scholarships which every student from FATA gets annually from the political agent fund set up for the purpose of every agency because of the irresponsible ways of the said University, this year as many as 37 students from South Waziristan Agency have not been awarded the annual scholarships annually as the University failed to send the letter to the concerned political agent’s office confirming that the said students were admitted in this University.

Scholarship of Peshawar University Tribal

A student of Agriculture University from South Waziristan Agency on condition of anonymity said that they had submitted their particulars to the scholarship section of the University before the due date of 31-12-2009 but the varsity dispatched the verification letter to the political agent office two months later on 10 February 2010. He said that due to the delay, the students were not awarded the said scholarships. Students said that they were already affected by the military operation in South Waziristan, and they did not receive any other scholarship the negligence of the university deprived them of this vital fund with the help of which students from the tribal belt were able to keep up their studies.

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