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Role Of Media In Pakistan

Media is basically the communication channel to convey our message in different ways that are via TV internet or any other. Pakistan is a developing country and since nowadays it is the world of glitz and glamor here media is also being promoted. Now, what is the role of media in Pakistan we will discuss here? But one thing should be kept in mind very clearly that every coin has two sides. Media is not only providing us with advantages but also we are suffering its disadvantages too.

Role Of Media In Pakistan

Role Of Media In Pakistan


Following are some of the positive roles of media that can be seen in our society very clearly;

  • Voice of people:

With the rise of media voice of people has also come to light. The interests and thoughts of people are also highlighted. Their opinions are being considered now. The monopoly of treacherous governments and dictatorship is coming to its end.

  • Standard of life raised:

The glitz and glamor of media have raised the standard of living and thus the demands of every person too. This is also a good thing and a bad thing along with it. As the standard of living increases greed comes which is bad and on the contrary, it is also a sign of development.

  • Entertainment industry flourished:

Media has given an ultimate boost to the entertainment industry. The music, film, and drama industry are flourished. On TV. alone we have hundreds of entertainment channels.

  • Source of knowledge:

Media is not only a source of entertainment; it has also come forward as a knowledge hub. Many universities have launched their channels as they are providing long-distance education. Moreover, informative channels themselves have infinite knowledge regarding every field of life.

  • Global village:

No doubt, media has made the world a global village. It takes seconds for news to get from one part of the world to get to the other. It has promoted international relations and has played an active role in making the world a peaceful place to live.


Well dark side of media is also visibly playing its role in Pakistan and that is:

  • Feelings hurt:

Media is considered free and this has become a reason that expression of ideas out of limit is becoming a reason of creating hurtful feelings in humans. For example, making religions a target via media has made the world land of war.

  • Politics stress and confusion by news channels:

Politics is being portrayed now very crystal clearly and due to too many channels and their different opinions has caused confusion and stress in the mind of people. This is becoming a reason for the increased depression rate.

  • No restriction on promotion of improper material:

Being free of media has been exploited and the material which is not appropriate to watch is not even restricted. For example continuous broadcast of any bomb blast scene may create distress in people but because there are no proper rules and regulations they are shown over and over again.

One rule in media can correct every flaw in it and this may become a stress-free and informative forum and that is;

“Everything has its limits”

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