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Registration Process of NGO in Pakistan

NGO is an abbreviation of non-governmental organization. Such organizations work in some country, have an organized set up but government is not responsible for them. They do not make any sort of profit for themselves but yes they provide their services to community in one or more ways. Here you can find the complete details of how to Registration Process of NGO in Pakistan.

NGO’s are formed mostly for some sections of societies. Most importantly NGO working in Pakistan is supposed to take permission from The Government of Pakistan to get functional here. Like other countries Pakistan have their own laws regarding NGO’s. The steps for registration of an NGO in Pakistan are as follows:

Registration Process of NGO in PakistanNGO Registration in Pakistan


First and most important thing is that people who are planning to form an organization for social welfare they should know exact aim and purpose of their NGO. NGO’s can have different aims for example providing food supply to deserving people, eradication of environmental pollution, so and so forth. The group of people who do not have any specific purpose can never get their NGO registered. NGO’s are meant as a helping hand to state in its betterment, this is why it is advisable to choose the purpose of NGO according to time’s need.


Naming an NGO is not very difficult yet tricky. While naming an NGO this should be kept in mind that the name should portray the aim of an organization such as if the NGO is based upon environmental issue, it can be named as Green Pakistan. The NGO’s who are named improperly, they are likely considered not well-aware of their purpose.


NGO’s are those institutions that are not supported financially by the countries government. So, the most crucial part of forming an NGO is that you have enough resources that support you financially to fulfill your purpose. NGO’s are mostly formed so that people who are living luxurious lives make some donations from their wealth for people who are deprived of their basic needs.


NGO’s are not good enough if they do not have an organized set-up. An NGO’s most important field is accounting because funds collected and then their assemblage and then providing then to the deservers is not only a hectic but a very sensitive matter. This process can only be fulfilled if NGO’s are well-organized.


To do every work in boundaries of law and regulations is much better and fruitful too. NGO’s once organized, the next step is to get them registered legally. The legal process involved for NGO registration however, is not important for local NGO’s or that are working on very small level. But, international NGO’s and those who take funding by government should be registered; reason is to avoid hindrance in work of other sectors of government.

International NGO’s are registered with Economic Affairs division of Pakistan and should agree with the Memorandum of Understanding MoU to get their work started without any legal issues. Before the international NGO’s are registered Minister of Interior himself takes notice of it.

Then we move towards the NGO’s that are local but take some funds from the government, these NGO’s are registered under Central Board of Revenue. Local NGO’s may or may not get registered but it is favorable if they do. In Pakistan 65% of NGO’s are registered while rest is working on their own.


NGO’s are registered under different laws of Pakistan. Some of them are as follows:

  • Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance 1961.

The NGO’s wanting to get Government funding for their NGO are supposed to register under this act.

  • The Societies Registration Act, 1860.

NGO’s having multiple purposes of their NGO and provide wide range of charity for different genre are registered according to this act. The local NGO’s are mostly registered under this act because those NGO’s which are not wide spread are not registered at all.

  • The Companies Ordinance, 1984 (section 42).

The Non-profit companies are registered under this act, the companies that provide society with useful objects.

  • Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

The most important ordinance under which an NGO should be registered, it is beneficial for NGO’s a lot is this. This ordinance exempts the taxes from the charity providing NGO’s.

The registration process of NGO’s may be complex but it has its benefits too. Moreover, a group coming forward to help others with a determination is likely not to step-back. NGO’s are the apart from government whose presence make a country prosperous.

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