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Reasons for Students Failure in Exams

Sami: “Hey! What about your result?”

Ali:     “I couldn’t make it through.”

Familiar with such dialogues? I have also been encountered with them many times. We all know that whenever result is announced and we come to know about passing percentage of students it mostly lies between 40-50% and rest of the students are doomed in depths of failure in one or more subjects and this not only affect their present but also future. Let’s browse through some of the reasons of this situation.

The education circle of the student revolves around three points that is,

  • Student himself.
  • His/her parents.
  • The institution he/she is attending.

The three of them are responsible for the failure of student equally. It is not just the student who is the reason of his incapability of achieving his goal.


The most important people in the life of a child are his parents and their importance sometimes becomes suffering for a child. Let’s see how.

Reasons for Students Failure in Exams

Reasons for Students Failure in Exams

  • Selection Of Inappropriate Subjects:

In Pakistan it is evident that parents are always pushing their children around when it comes to take a decision about choice of the discipline. Parents rather than considering children as an individual person, treat them as their second life in which they have to complete.

What they couldn’t achieve in their first life and impose their own interests on the children. And they remain unaware of the aptitude of their child and due to lack of interest in that particular field, students are failed.

  • Negligence Of Parents:

Sub-continent was always known as the land of rich relations but modernization has affected not only our teenagers but also our lifestyles too. Due to adverse effects of this modernization parents have started leaving their children completely dependent on maids who are not educated at all.

And parents are busy in their lives and don’t pay attention to their children life. This fact not only hinders in up-bringing and education of student but have many moral draw backs towards our children.

  • Too Much Socializing:

Hospitality and relations are much respected in Pakistan from always, and this is very commonly observed that too much socializing of parents and children with their extended family bring demise towards their studies because they don’t get enough time to study. We can say their time is too much precious which they waste chatting and giggling.


Now we come to the solution that how can parents eradicate the reason of failure of students.

  • Parents should treat their child as a separate individual having his own ideas, views, interests and like/dislikes. And respect their child’s thoughts because the only way to their success is if they do what they really like. It is human psyche that he/she always do the best that they like but what they don’t like they get tired of it and this puts  him in the failure zone.
  • The most important thing parents should realize is that modernization is not a bad thing but when it comes to the children even the first world countries give example of eastern countries that how they bring-up their children because it is not only safe for child but also he gets all the attention he requires and is able to pay attention to his studies effectively.
  • To fulfill needs of all relations is very necessary and one can never ever cut-off from their roots but yes one thing that can be done is to acquire a balance so the education of student is not disturbed and parents who are head of the family can only do this.


The second most important part of education cycle of student are the institutions he attends to get education. They are no doubt producing the best students too but the 50% students who are failing are also their produce. Here I will explain you that how they are playing an important role in failure of students.

  • Cramming Of Syllabus:

Students’ memorizing the text books is something very common that we see around in Pakistan. And they do so to get through the exams our education board conduct. From the day first they enter school they are taught to get education this way but the truth is that in all this process they don’t fully understand of what they are studying.

The students who can’t cram the syllabus and prefer to learn and understand are often left behind although they have more IQ level than others.

  • Favoritism:

Something I myself consider horrible for one student is favoritism. Here favoritism means that teachers pay more attention to those students who achieve higher grades even if they do so by cramming and they treat other students as wastage of their time.

This factor not only arise depression in students but also provokes rebellious nature in them due to which they stop getting education enough to help them get through and they are barred from getting passed.

  • Tuition System:

Parents who are not well educated send their children to different coaching classes other than schools and colleges and 95% of these coaching centers are business hubs and students time and money all are wasted in these organizations and result outcomes are always nil.


Institutions no doubt are very important for students, for their formal education but they should take initiative to help out the students who are not getting privilege of getting passed due to too much cramming and favoritism.

And students should try to help themselves to get good grades rather than attending tuition that are nothing but a sham.


I have seen many parents blaming their children of their failure. No doubt some part of their failure is also because of themselves. I will explain you how is it possible.

  • Short Attendance:

Students often neglect their studies not only at home but also when they go to their schools and colleges. In Pakistan it is observed a lot that when students don’t attend classes, mostly in government schools and colleges they are fined for it, they pay the fine and sit in exam.

They forget that if they only take their lectures attentively they can do well-enough to pass in exam. But they overlook it and resultantly at exam time they are totally blank.

  • Over Night Study:

It’s a trend in low grade students to do over night study and try to memorize the syllabus that they study in 8-9 months and obviously this is so not possible. And 98% of the students are flunked due to one night study because at exam time not only they are drowsy but also they are unable to understand the paper and attempt it properly.

  • Technology A Curse:

Parents are always found complaining about this factor when it comes to their children study because now-a-days students are seen spending too much time on internet, television and video games and seem like they are bound by chains.

They waste so much time on this genre of entertainment that they forget that this technology can also be used for educational purposes. The social networking sites have worsen it much more because children are exposed to too much more than they require to understand and thus their results have adverse effects.


To improve results students have to take some responsibility and all they have to do is acquire balance. They have to give proper time to their studies. Not too much just 2-3 hours in which they revise their daily class work so that all syllabus is not accumulated for one night.

Pretty obvious entertainment is a requirement for a human brain to relax but to manage it the way that it does not affect one’s study is the best way to get it.

Thus if parents, teachers and students do a combine effort and they all understand their duties and perform them well and with responsibility not only can get pass but also that they can get through with flying colors and we will never have to listen again that any of our friend couldn’t pass.

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