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Reasons behind the Low Literacy Rate in Pakistan

It is our religious obligation to get an education. Education is the basic need of every human not only in Pakistan but also all across the world. We are Muslims and this is our belief that literate and illiterate people are not equal. This phrase shows the importance of education in one’s life. A good education is one of the basic rights of a nation in a country. It has a direct effect on the overall performance of a country. A country should be considered a successful country if there are more people who are educated. People have a direct and indirect impact on the success of a country. The more literate people mean the most successful country. First of all, let me tell you that what is literacy? And what is the literacy rate in Pakistan?

The ability to read and write and understanding is referred to as literacy. And the overall percentage of literate persons is known as the literacy rate. According to the latest survey of UNESCO, the literacy rate in Pakistan is 56.4%, which is very low as compare to other countries like America, Canada, etc. In Pakistan, males are 69.6% literate while females are only 42.7%. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the backwardness of our beloved country Pakistan. This literacy report clearly shows the discrimination of gender as the male is more educated than the females. There are many reasons behind this low literacy rate.

Reasons behind the Low Literacy Rate

One of the biggest reasons behind the illiteracy in Pakistan is the lack of awareness. People of Pakistan are less aware of the benefits of education in their life. It is due to the lake of gaudiness. Moreover, our government spent a small part of its GDP on education which is not enough to provide good education in any country. Most people consider that education is only meant for males and they send their boys to school but not send their daughters to school. This is one of the biggest reasons that only a few females in Pakistan are getting an education and rest of the females have not got even an A B C of education. There are tribe and tradition system in the villages of Pakistan which don’t allow their kids to go to school due to the pride of their tribe.

Low Literacy Rate in Pakistan

Our government has failed to provide basic education in Pakistan. The reason behind their failure is that they haven’t motivated the students of basic classes to get an education by showing the charms of education. Most students don’t like studies because, in their schools, their teachers use a stick to provide them an education which is a very wrong method to provide education. Kids are only can be motivated to get an education through prizes. If we want to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan then we should improve our education system. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the government to aware of the nation by telling the benefits of education. If our literacy rate will be increased our country will become a successful country automatically.

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