Ranks of Pakistan Army Officers and Soldier with Badges and BPS in Order

Pakistan Army is the power of Pakistan and career in Pak Army is considered a dream come true for those who love Pakistan. Pak Army protects Pakistani boarders from enemies. Pak Army fights for Pakistan and maintains peaceful environment in the country. It has the power to deal with every kind of emergency situation and serve Pakistan. Every person who joins PAK army feels proud.

They serve the nation, the people of the world in every harsh condition. There are shinning career opportunities for youngsters in Pakistan Army. They can serve in Pak Army in a different perspective because there are many jobs for males and females in Pakistan armed forces. Excellent career opportunities in Pakistan Army are offered to the talented youth in different fields.

Armed Forces are perfect specimen of Quaid’s motto Unity Faith and Discipline. Therefore it is important that you should follow discipline in your life. Besides disciples you should also possess some qualities if you want to join Pak Army. These qualities are: Loyalty, Respect, Self Service, Integrity, and Personal Courage. If you have all these attributes then you can join this different profession. Lieutenant Colonels and below wear title shoulders of their respective arms/services in addition to the badges of rank, whereas Colonels and above wear only badges of rank.

Officers Ranks in Pak Army

Officers ranks in ascending order

 Field Marshal  Basic Pay Scale:Apex Scale
General Apex Scale
Lieutenant General  BPS-22
Major General BPS-21
Brigadier BPS-20
Colonel BPS-19
Lieutenant Colonel BPS-19 
Major BPS-18
Captain BPS-17
Lieutenant BPS-17
Second Lieutenant BPS-17

Junior Commissioned Officers:

Junior Commissioned Officers wear the title shoulder and badges of rank with Scarlet / Pakistan Green/Scarlet braid. Lower portion of the badges of rank (Colonel and above) / Title Shoulder (Lieutenant Colonel and below) will be 1.3 cm from the point of the shoulder. Intervening spaces between the badges of rank should not exceed 0.5cm.

Naib Subedar BPS-13 or BPS-14
Subedar BPS-15
Subedar Major BPS-16

Ranks of Non-Commissioned Officers

Battalion Havildar Major  BPS-11 or BPS-9
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar  BPS-11 or BPS-9
Company Havildar Major  BPS-11 or BPS-9
Company Quartermaster Havildar  BPS-11 or BPS-9
Havildar  BPS-11 or BPS-9
Naik  BPS-9 or BPS-8
Lance NaikSoldier


BPS-8 or BPS-7BPS-7

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