Ranks of Pakistan Air Force PAF Officers in Order Badges

Pakistan Air Force is abbreviated as PAF which is an important branch of Pakistan armed forces. Its primary role is to protect the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its secondary role is to provide air logistics support to the Pakistan army and the Pakistan Navy. Many talented men and women are serving Pakistan Air force with great commitment.

Pakistan Air force was established with the independence of Pakistan which played an important role in the wars of 1965 and 1971. With the passage of time, modernization took place in this defense force of Pakistan. PAF have trained and talented individuals to face any kind of critical situation. Today PAF has 20 fighter Squadrons, an automated network of Air Defense Radars, complex maintenance facilities and an elaborate administration setup.

Pakistan Air force provides many facilities to its employees including health and medical facilities. You can join Pakistan Air force as an officer through different types of commission as Permanent Commission (PC), Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) and Short Service Commission (SSC). You can join in the branches of Administration and Special Duties, General Duties Pilot, Air Defense, Engineering, Logistics, Information Technology, Education, Accounts, Legal department and meteorology.

Pakistan Air Force offers you wide range of work opportunities so that you can put to use in building a successful career. Whether you have passed intermediate or graduate the doors of opportunities are always open in Pakistan Air Force for males as well as females. You can be a pilot because PAF makes you rise high in your career and test your potentials. You can be an Engineer or Doctor because PAF provides you all the opportunities to excel in your profession. PAF is not all about aircraft or pilot but you can join different occupations because they are many disciplines through which you can not only earn professional efficacy but also grow personally with a sense of achievement.

Ranks in PAF:

There are different ranks in Pakistan Air force. Ranks of Pakistan Air Force are royal air force structure, though ranks for other ranks personnel and insignia differ. Insignia for officer ranks were changed from the British influenced ranks to a Turkish style one on 5 July 2006. Pakistan Air Force is headed by air chief marshal.

Here are given below different ranks offered to those officers who join PAF. Officer rank badges are displayed on the shoulders.

PAF Commissioned Officer Ranks

Air Chief Marshal (ACM)

Air Marshal (AM)

Air Vice Marshal (AVM)

Air Commodore (Air Cdre)

Group Captain (Gp Capt)

Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)

Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr)

Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)

Flying Officer (Flg Off)

Pilot Officer (Plt Off)

PAF Junior Commissioned Officers Ranks


 Chief Warrant Officer


 Warrant Officer


 Assistant Warrant Officer


Airmen Ranks

Chief Technician

Senior Technician

Corporate Technician

Junior Technician

Senior Air craftman