R/E AR/E R/W R/EW AR/EW Means in AIOU Result 2024

In AIOU some Short cut words like symbols as well as Alphabets appear in the result card of the students. Some students are having confusion to know about the meaning of these symbols. In this context, we will discuss the symbols R/E, AR/E, R/W, R/EW, and AR/EW means in AIOU result 2024 here. The reason for using the short form of the words is to consume less space on the result card. In this way, the complete words are not used to explain the actual meaning of the words. The short words on the other way the first letter of the word is used to display the purpose of the word.

However, if the organization starts to display all the information in full form then there is more than one page that is necessary to add to the result card. Therefore, the act of using the short form of the word is good to present the meaning of the big words. However, the side effect of this technique is that some students are confused. That’s the reason for the disadvantage of these short words or whatever you want to call them symbols or keywords.

R/E AR/E R/W R/EW AR/EW Means in AIOU Result 2024

So, now don’t worry about these symbols which you are facing in your results. Here we will provide all information about these symbols on this single page. So, let’s start to know about the symbols with their meaning.

R E AR E R W R EW AR EW Means in AIOU Result

  • R/W:

R/W means to reappear in the workshop. If you did not attend the workshop or you may be absent. So R / W comes on your result card.

  • AR/W:

AR/W means the same again re-appear in the workshop. But this time the student appeared in the workshop but could not complete it.

  • R/E:

R/E means re-appear in the exams. It means you could not pass the exams so you need to re-appear to pass the examination.

  • AR/E:

AR/E means is same above Again-re-appear in the exams. By the meaning, you can understand.

  • R/ EW:

R/EW means re-appear in exams and workshops for the examination.

  • AR/EW:

The meaning of this is the same as above but the additional word is Again.

  • N.A.W:

N.A.W means Not Attending a workshop in the semester. The remarks of these symbols are to separate cases.

These are the main symbols that are causing problems to know the meaning. If you still feeling some difficulties regarding these words you can comment below.

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