Punjab Teacher Educators Transfer Procedure and Policy

The Punjab Government was introduced a biggest project in the Education world for the bright future of Pakistan and to generate the highly qualified generation and that project is Educators School system, Punjab Educators Punjab Teacher Transfer Policy 2013Govt got the success in this project and nowadays almost 2000+ Educators schools has been established. It is a biggest platform for the coming generation to get the quality education and maintain the standard in the world.

So every year Punjab government announces the Educators Teacher Jobs for the eligible candidates and every procedure done on the pure merit bases until now and it will be continued sincerely Inshallah. So, the major issue is that, when any candidate got the Punjab Teacher Educators Job then they face some issues and troubles and that is, that their appointments are out of station and they feel disturbance because they lives very far from their Station (Home) because of the Educator teachers jobs.

The Point is, Every one want to live their home but they should work (job) and want to earn but they can because of the posting out of station. So here we are advising them that they should not worried about because here we are trying to sort out your issues and troubles and help you. We are providing you the complete procedure about the Punjab Educators Teacher Jobs Transfer, and the Transfer Application Letter as well.

Transfer Procedure:-

Below you can get the Complete procedure about the Punjab Teacher Educators Transfer Procedure and Policy.

  • The Director Public Instructions (SE/EE), Punjab, Lahore.
  • All the District Coordination Officers, in Punjab.
  • All the Executive District Officers (Edu), in Punjab.

The Competent’ Authority has been pleased to approve the Transfer Policy 2013 for School Education Department. The policy shall be effective forthwith. It shall be in super session of previous Posting I Transfer Policy of the Education Department (Schools), 2000.

The overriding principle of placement is that the teachers, officers and officials can be placed anywhere in Tehsil, District and Province according to their cadre. No one can claim any

particular post or station as a right for posting whether it is filled by initial recruitment or through in-service promotion by the Department and District. There will be a post specific merit based criteria for every vacant seat.

  1. Academic results
  2. Service in far flung area
  3. Seniority
  4. Wedlock basis
  5. Compassionate grounds
40 marks
20 marks
10 marks
15 marks
15 marks

The post-specific criteria for posting / transfer is given below:-

Academic results         Maximum Marks 40

  • Mean score achieved by the students in the examinations of terminal classes i.e. 5th, 8th 10-HI and 12th will be the score of applicant, out of 40 marks;
  • Mean Score of all the students appeared in examination for the last three years for PEC or Board Examinations will be considered for the purpose of allocation of marks. In case of dispute, result copies to be considered;
  • For the teachers it will be the mean score of the subjects being taught by them while for the head teachers it will be the mean score of their relevant terminal classes i.e. Grade V, VIII, X and XII;
  • Those who are not teaching terminal classes like grade V and VIII, the mean score of the relevant terminal classes of the school will be considered as their mean score;
  • The teachers and Head Teachers who fail to ensure appearance of their students in terminal classes i.e. grade V, VIII, X & XII shall be awarded zero score.

Service in far-flung area          Maximum Marks 20

  • Upto 08 Km   no far flung area for tehsil cadre post i.e PSTs;
  • Upto 16 Km   no far flung area for district cadre post i.e. ESTs & SSTs, etc;
  • Upto 24 Km   no far flung area for provincial cadre posts.
  • No marks for first three years after recruitment or promotion in the grade concerned;
  • For tehsil cadre posts two marks per year for the distance between 08-16 Km from the home of applicant and three marks per annum for distance above 16 Km;
  • For district cadre posts two marks per year for the distance between 16-24 Km from the home of applicant and three marks per annum for distance above 16 Km;
  • For Provincial cadre posts two marks per year for the distance between 24-100 Km from the home of applicant and three marks per year if distance be more than 100 km;

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