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Punjab Laptop Scheme 2023 How To Submit Validation in HEC Eligibility Criteria & Selected Candidates

Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif introduced and initiated a national program for the distribution of laptops to young and bright students studying in public sector higher education institutes across the country including Azad Jammu Kashmir. The Scheme is part of the Prime Minister Youth program FY-2023. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is the executing agency responsible for developing criteria, mechanisms, and modalities. And a road map for the procurement and distribution of laptops under this scheme.

In this project, 100,000 laptops are produced and distributed among students as per defined criteria. These laptops are distributed in all over Pakistan in the prescribed universities listed by HEC, Schedule and Eligibility Procedure are available on the official website of the Higher Education Commission. You can find your City, University, Courses demanding, and Focal Persons in your cities by just clicking on the HEC Official website Prime Minister Laptop Scheme. For this purpose, students should validate their Data on September 30 2023 for P.hd/M. Phill and MS Students. For bachelor’s students or Master’s 31 October 2023 is announced.

Punjab Laptop Scheme 2023 How To Submit Validation in HEC Eligibility Criteria & Selected Candidates


Investment in youth not only has the highest rate of return (ROI). But has also been recognized as the best long-term investment for the prosperous future of any nation, with a positive demographic dividend. So, many large countries have transformed their challenge of big populations. With high growth rates into opportunities to bolster their economies by empowering their youth with marketable skills. This realization by the government was the catalyst that crystallized the project to empower youth by giving them laptops for their academic and research activities.


HEC only entered the selected candidates who fulfill the below demanding criteria posses in the Higher Educational Institutes.

MS (18-year education), M.Phill. & Ph.D. scholars in any public sector Higher Educational Institutes. Polytechnic students. Students of 1 or 2-year Master’s Degree Program (morning & evening) who have secured 60% or above marks in the last annual exam in case of the annual examination system OR 70% or above (based on CGPA) cumulative of all previous semesters of semester system.

The leftover laptops after distribution in M.Phill, P.hd. MS remains laptops are distributed in all the educational institutes as given below structure;

50% of allocated numbers to 1st-year students in Bachelor programs. However, 20% of allocated numbers are to 2nd-year students in Bachelor programs. In fact, 10% of allocated numbers are to 3rd-year students in Bachelor’s programs. So, 10% of allocated numbers to 4th-year students in Bachelor programs or Masters (16-year education) 1st year (5% each if both exist).

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