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Poultry Farming in Pakistan System and Guide in Urdu

In Pakistan after the textile industry Poultry farming and its processing has become the second-largest industry. The poultry farming industry is growing very rapidly in Pakistan and its cities and its urban areas. Poultry farming culture in Pakistan and Asian countries is expanding Very rapidly and its rate of growth of commercial layer and meat-producing (broiler) farms is increasing demand for proteins through poultry meat and eggs.

If proper planning and management have not been taken care of then there is a chance of disease spreading in the farms. So therefore we need to spread our planning and management for better performance of Poultry farming in Pakistan.

In Pakistan poultry industry has made Significant involvement in food production and it’s playing a vital role in the economy of the country Pakistan. Now with the passage of time, commercial poultry production is concentrated around the largest urban centers in the other provinces of Pakistan like Sindh and Punjab and Firstly at Karachi, Lahore and it is now Practically well spread all over the country.

Poultry Farming in Pakistan System and Guide in Urdu

In the provinces of Sindh, there are farms in Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, and Nawabshah as well in small cities and urban areas. In Pakistan Poultry farming investment is 300 billion and in the Province of Punjab in this department total volume of the investment is 200 billion according to the Animal husbandry professor. With the newly researched planning farms, we can improve the performance of this industry according to Dr. Mohammad Sarwar. In Islamabad total of the Poultry industry, is more than 300 billion nowadays while in Punjab total investment of the poultry farm investment is 200 Billion.

Poultry Farming in Pakistan System

Now the large-scale investment and proper incentives have resulted in the establishment of Transportation comprising of 252 hatcheries with the capacity to produce 346 million day-old chicks per annum, 141 feed mills with the capacity to produce 2540 thousand tons of compound feed per annum, and 13154 poultry farms with the capacity to produce 98 million broilers.

Because the chick’s death ratio is very low in the Controlled shed than opened shed and the ratio of the profit is also better than it. A laying bird produces an average of 250 eggs per year and the average live weight of the broiler is recommended as 1200 grams ( or 1.2 kg), at 8 weeks of age. Pakistan produces 6.5 thousand million eggs and 340 thousand tonnes of poultry meat.

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