Police Officer Salary in Pakistan With Rank Order

The police are one of the most important departments of any country. This department is responsible to make and keep the peace inside the country. Therefore, the country maintains this department to keep the country stable and keep going. Therefore, Pakistan has also maintained the same department to conserve peace and the situation of law and order inside the country. Hence, this department is working under the home ministry and carrying out its duties with great care and responsibility. In Pakistan, there is a police department for each province as well as the capital city of Islamabad. The Biggest province of Pakistan with respect to the population in Punjab.

Therefore, here is the updated information about Police Officer Salary in Pakistan with Rank Order. Therefore, Punjab police play a very important in keeping the law-and-order situation. This will help the applicants and uplift their morale to join the Punjab police. This is the reason that Punjab has a large number of police officials that are working all over Punjab. Punjab police are responsible to control crime and stop criminal activities. it is a very important job and this reason makes this department so important.

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan With Rank Order

By controlling these activities, the Punjab police help the country to be politically and economically stable. Since there are different sections of Punjab police that are working in Punjab. This includes but not limited to the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA), Special Protection Unit (SPU). Also, Elite Force, Boundary Force, River Police, Traffic Police, Highway Patrol, Dolphin Force, and Constabulary. These departments are working 24/7 to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan.

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan with Rank Order

The amount of these salaries is an average figure as per the ranking. It may increase or decrease according to the section or department of Punjab police that you are working or are about to work in. Also, there is a fluctuation in other perks that are available with the salary, according to the department and job type. These perks include but are not limited to the salary, relocation allowance, medical allowance, extra duty allowance, ad hoc relief, conveyance allowance, house allowance, and other sundry allowances that are available to a police official.

These departments and officials are responsible to control corruption as well. Therefore, they have high pays and other perks to prevent them from corruption and other such contagious crimes. Thus, they keep their dedications to their duty only. This makes this department very sensitive because they are working front end and facing all the crimes. All this is to make society safe and crime-free.  Thus, it is very important that they must be paid handsomely. The ranking of these forces is as follows:

Salaries of Punjab Police Officials 2021

  • IGP: BPS: 22 Scale from Rs. 110,000 to Rs. 1, 30,000
  • Addl. IG: BPS: 21 Scale from Rs.100,000 to Rs. 1, 15,000
  • DIG: BPS: 20 Scale from Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 95,000
  • SSP……BPS: 19 Scale: From Rs. 75,000 to 85,000
  • SP….BPS: 18 Scale: From Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 75,000
  • ASP…BPS: 17 Scale:  From Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 65,000
  • Police Inspector/SHO……. BPS:16 scale From Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000
  • SI……BPS: 14 Scale: From Rs. 45,000-Rs. 50,000
  • ASI…. BPS: 9 Scale: From Rs. 35,000-Rs. 45,000
  • Police Constable…..BPS 05: From Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 32,000

These amounts may increase or decrease according to the department and according to the job description of the person working in the department as well. Therefore, you must not consider these amounts as final. This is because other than basic salaries, the officials receive other rewards, honors, or many other perks that bring fluctuation in the total salary of these officials. Therefore, you must not consider this as final. However, this is an average basic salary of the officials of the Punjab police.

This rough idea will help you understand the importance of the Punjab police. However, this is just to take an idea and estimation of the more or less salary of the officials of the Punjab police. Therefore, this is not the final amount of salary of these officials of these rankings. Furthermore, if you have any questions, query or questions, you may contact us through the comment section below. For more information stay connected with us. Also, we shall provide you the latest and more interesting information of this sort. So stay tuned and get more updates like this.

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