Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students

Career guidance means choosing the right career path among various options available. Choice of the career is one of the turning points in the life of a student. Success of a student relies on the choice of right career according to his interests and priorities. Parents can play the major in making the decision of career choice for their child.

It is the responsibility of the parents to support and guide their child to choose the right career. Parents should start discussing with their children about their interest at very early age rather than wait for the intermediate level which confuses both of them. If the process of discussion is started early, there is less likelihood of making unwise decisions.

It is important that parents should stay optimistic and increase the confidence level of their child. They should try to encourage their child to discuss about his interests, likes and dislikes.

Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students

Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students

In our society it is usually noticed that parents imposed their decisions on their kids. Before getting into the university when a student wants to start his career it is that stage where parents should play their role. Parents want them to choose the field of their own interest or they want them to choose the career in which the parents were failed to succeed.

Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students:

You must have seen many students in the university saying that they have no interest in this subject but they are doing it because of scope of the subjects and their parent’s choice. There are many drawbacks of choosing the wrong career in future. When a student chooses a wrong career in which he has no interest then there are less chances that he can achieve a lot in his life because he has no passion in his subject. He cannot be satisfied with his job. He cannot do his job happily thus can’t progress as other who work is their passion.

Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students:

Parents can’t control or divert the thinking of their kids so they should support the decision of their child. Mostly parents discourage their kids to pick the arts subjects because they think that they cannot earn lots of money if they don’t pick science subjects. This thinking of mind is wrong because you can only progress if you have passion in that field.

It is important that parents should play their role in a positive way. Parents should encourage their child to stick with a rigorous school curriculum to build a strong foundation in math, reading, writing, computer skills, and science. The stronger the foundation, the more career options will be available later in life. Parents should discuss the academic achievements of their kids with his teachers which will help them to get into right career path.

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