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Pakistan Railway Time Table 2023

As everybody knows that the lockdown was going on in the whole country due to the pandemic. But now the days are coming into normal for the work and travel in Pakistan. In this way, the Pakistan Railway Time Table 2023 is available for passengers. However, the main junction of the railway is Punjab Lahore Railway. In this way, we will provide here the basic information about the train as well as the arrival timing at the platform. So, the passengers can get updates about the trains as well as the timing. Here we are listing below the Code of Train in fact the departure of the train in this article.

List of Trains with Arrival and Departure timing:

  • Allama Iqbal Express Train from Karachi to Sialkot with Arrival timing is 10:45 as well as 11:15 Departure
  • The Second Allama Iqbal Express from Sialkot to Karachi Cantt has the timing of 11:30 arrival to 12:00 departure time
  • However, the Awam Express from Peshawar to Karachi is having an arrival time of 6:15 pm to 6:50 pm
  • On the other hand, Awam Express from Karachi to Peshawar with the time of 6:55 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • Badar Train Express is going from Multan to Lahore and arrival timing is 10 pm:
  • However, the Badar Express with Lahore to Multan has a departure time of 8:00 pm
  • Jinnah Express is coming at the time of 7:35 pm from Karachi to Lahore
  • On the other hand, the second one is coming from Karachi to Lahore from 7:05 to 7:20
  • Karachi Express also goes from Lahore to Karachi as well as from Karachi to Lahore. However, the time of this express is 11:00 pm arrival time. In fact, the departure time is 17:00
  • Lastly, the train Karakoram reaches at the time of 9:15 from Karachi.

Pakistan Railway Time Table 2023

Lahore to Karachi Train Daily Timings

However, these trains now will come on the time and will depart also on the time. So, the passengers can take these times to go on their travels. On the other hand, the trains will also depart at the exact time as we mentioned above. So, you can pick any one time from this timetable to go to your place. Furthermore, there are some other trains that are not mentioned here. If you want to know about them you can ask us. We will also provide the timetable for 2023 about them here. So, stay connected with us to get the latest updates from here.

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