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Pakistan Railway Train Timings 2020

Here we will be provided now Pakistan Railway Train Timings 2020 Pakistan Railway Time Table. The Pakistan Railways PR proving the Traveling facility in the Pakistan in various cities within cheapest cost, Railways provides the Transportation and shipping in the furthermost angle of the country and brings them faster for Business, sightseeing, pilgrimage and education. It has been a great join together strength and forms the life line of the country by catering to its needs for large scale society of people and shipment.

The chance to prospect of Karachi as a sea port was first become aware of in the mid of 19th century and Sir Henry Edward Frere who was selected Commissioner of Sind after its takeover with Bombay in 1847 sought authorization from Lord Dalhousie to set in motion investigation of sea port. He also makes the first move the investigation for Railway line in 1858. It was anticipated that a railway line from Karachi City to Kotri, steam navigation up the Indus /Chenab up to Multan and from there another railway to Lahore and beyond be constructed.

Pakistan Railway Train Timings - Pakistan Railway Time Table

Pakistan Railways has announced schedule of timings of mail and express trains for winter which would be effective from October 15.

TRAINS          FROM             DEP      TO              ARR

NO.      NAME

1-Up    Khyber Mail    Karachi Cantt     21.45    Peshawar         07.15

2-Dn     -do-          Peshawar Cantt    22.30    Karachi Cantt    07.45

3-Up    Bolan Mail     Karachi City      14.20    Quetta           11.35

4-Dn     -do-          Quetta            15.00    Karachi City     11.10

5-Up    Tez Rao        Karachi Cantt     20.45    Rawalpindi       21.05

6-Dn     -do-          Rawalpindi        14.30    Karachi Cantt    14.25

7-Up    Tez Gam        Karachi Cantt     16.30    Rawalpindi       19.50

8-Dn     -do-          Rawalpindi        08.00    Karachi Cantt    11.00

9-Up    Allama Iqbal   Karachi Cantt     18.00    Sialkot          18.20


10-Dn    -do-          Sialkot           09.00    Karachi Cantt    10.30

11-Up   Hazare Exp     Karachi City      06.00    Havelian         13.15

12-Dn    -do-          Havelian          15.30    Karachi City     22.55

13-Up   Awam Exp       Karachi Cantt     08.00    Peshawar         18.35

14-Dn    -do-          Peshawar          09.00    Karachi Cantt    18.30

15-Up   Karachi Exp    Karachi Cantt     17.30    Lahore           11.45

16-Dn    -do-          Lahore            17.30    Karachi Cantt    12.00

17-Up   Millat Exp     Karachi Cantt     16.00    Faisalabad       09.20

18-Dn    -do-          Faisalabad        16.00    Karachi Cantt    09.00

19-Up   Khushal Khan   Karachi City      19.20    Peshawar         08.15

        Khattak Exp

20-Dn    -do-          Peshawar          16.45    Karachi City     05.10

Trains-Timings -two-Lahore

TRAINS          FROM             DEP      TO              ARR

NO.      NAME

21-Up   Chiltan Exp    Quetta            09.00    Faisalabad       09.55

22-Dn    -do-          Faisalabad        17.00    Quetta           17.45

23-Up   Quetta Exp     Quetta            10.45    Peshawar         21.15

24-Dn    -do-          Peshawar          07.30    Quetta           18.20

25-Up   Bahaudin       Karachi City      18.45    Multan           11.00

        Zakria Exp

26-Dn    -do-          Multan            16.00    Karachi City     08.40

27-Up   Shalimar Exp   Karachi Cantt     09.00    Lahore           05.25

28-Dn    -do-          Lahore            06.30    Karachi Cantt    03.25

29-Up   Shah Rukn-e-   Karachi Cantt     07.15    Multan           00.35

        Alam Exp.

30-Dn    -do-          Multan            08.00    Karachi Cantt    01.35

33-Up   Super Exp      Karachi Cantt     10.30    Sargodha         11.05

34-Dn    -do-          Sargodha          18.15    Karachi Cantt    19.15

35-Up   F‘abad Exp     Karachi City      18.30    Faisalabad       12.20

36-Dn    -do-          Faisalabad        19.00    Karachi City     12.50

37-Up   Fareed Exp     Karachi City      19.50    Lahore           22.45

38-Dn    -do-          Lahore            10.00    Karachi City     12.35

39-Up   Jaffar Exp     Quetta            14.00    Rawalpindi       17.55

40-Dn    -do-          Rawalpindi        06.00    Quetta           09.50

41-Up   Karakoram Exp  Karachi Cantt     15.30    Lahore           09.45

42-Dn    -do-          Lahore            16.00    Karachi Cantt    10.15

45-Up   Pakistan Exp   Karachi Cantt     14.30    Rawalpindi       15.45

46-Dn    -do-          Rawalpindi        07.30    Karachi Cantt    08.45

101-Up  Subak Raftar   Lahore            07.30    Rawalpindi       12.35

102-Dn   -do-          Rawalpindi        16.30    Lahore           21.40

103-Up  Subak Kharam   Lahore            16.30    Rawalpindi       21.45

104-Dn   -do-          Rawalpindi        08.30    Lahore           13.35

105-Up   Rawal Exp     Lahore            00.30    Rawalpindi       04.50

106-Dn    -do-         Rawalpindi        00.30    Lahore           04.50

107-Up   Islamabad     Lahore            07.00    Rawalpindi       11.10


108-Dn     -do-        Rawalpindi        18.00    Lahore           22.10

109-Up   Margala Exp   Lahore            18.00    Rawalpindi       22.05

110-Dn   -do-          Rawalpindi        07.00    Lahore           11.05

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