Pakistan National Birds Animal and Flower Name and Images

Pakistan is a beautiful country. It is one of the famous countries due to its tourist place and its hospitality. It has four kinds of weather and many other facts that you may like about Pakistan. Here is some information about Pakistan that you would like to know about Pakistan. Most of the people in Pakistan do not know many things about Pakistan. This includes Pakistan’s national bird animal and flower names and images that you would like to know. These details will mesmerize you and make you think more and more about the amazing facts of Pakistan.

Here get the complete details of Pakistan National Birds Animal and Flower Name and Images.  It is one of the countries that have the tourist industry which is flourishing day by day. When tourists come to Pakistan, they want to know such facts and information about Pakistan. It is very embracing if a country person does not know the national bird, animal, or flower of his/her country. Therefore, we are providing you the information that you should know and can use when there is a need to do so. Following is all the information about these things and facts about these things that you might like to know about.

Pakistan National Birds Animal and Flower Name and Images

Pakistan National Birds

Pakistan National Bird, Animal and Flower Name and Images

  • National Bird: Chukar
  • The animal: markhor
  • National flower: Common Jasmine


chukar is the national bird of Pakistan. it is a beautiful bird. it has black and white stripes of feathers on its body and a red beak. it is an arctic bird and is found in middles east and Asia. it has a beautiful voice and has a lovely appearance. this makes it more beautiful. therefore, the people in Pakistan love this bird very much. it is a well-known bird in all the tourist destinations and places in Pakistan.


Markhor is a beautiful yet one of the deadliest beasts that are living in Pakistan. it is a very aggressive animal. Yet its personality is mesmerizing and amazing. it has big screw horns that are just like a crown on its head. it has a goat-like structure and is found in the mountainous areas of Pakistan. it lives on high mountains and feeds on the grass and leaves. as it lives on mountains. so, its eating habits change with the change in weather.

Common Jasmine:

Common jasmine is one of the beautiful white flowers that are found all over Pakistan. This is one of the most beautiful flowers. this flower is found in many other countries of the world especially in Asia. this is a small flower and it grows in bundles on the plat. thus, it gives a beautiful scene that amazes everyone.

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