Pakistan Is the Best Country in The World Essay

Pakistan is a GOD gifted country which was come into existence on the date corresponding with the empowering night 27 of holly month Ramadan. Pakistan is the best country in the world because no matter who you are and what language you speak, this country always welcome you and like to have you as long as you want. This is the greatest Muslim country in the world which is consider as superpower for the entire Muslim world. Every country want to be like Pakistan but it is not possible because we scarified millions of people to get independence. Today we are prominent as the best country in the world but there is a time when we were nothing. All we get, is a result of people who devoted their lives to make it better country in the world. There are many reasons behind this that why we are the best country in the world. Which are listed below.

Nuclear Power:

Pakistan is the first country in the Islamic world which attain nuclear power. No other Muslim country is as strong as Pakistan and this is one of the reasons that Pakistan is the best country in world.

Largest Military Force:

Pakistan is one of the top countries in the world which are consider as the strongest countries only due to their largest forces. Pakistan has 6th largest military force in the world which makes it one of the best country in the world.

Bravest Country:

There are total 195 countries in the world but Pakistan is consider the bravest country in the world. The nation of Pakistan is the bravest nation and no other nation can compete this nation. Each and every citizen of this country always remain available to devote his life for the development of this country and protection of this country. Pakistan is the only country in this world which was created for the purpose of Islam and this is the reason behind the bravery of the nation that they never afraid from anyone or anything.

Country with the best Weather:

Pakistan is the best country in the world because there are four different seasons like summer, winter, spring and autumn. No other country has four seasons as there are many countries where only one or two seasons exist but in Pakistan we have four seasons. This makes this country as one of the best country on this plant.

Country With Different Languages:

Pakistan is a country where a large number of languages are being spoken by the nation. Pakistan is the best country according to the language. If any country could rule on the basis of language than it would be the Pakistan because the Pakistani Nation have ability to speak every language fluently while no other nation or people can do as good as people of Pakistan can do. Essay on Pakistan Is the Best Country

Country With Largest Coal Reserves:

As you know that Pakistan has mountain, seas and deserts in access. Most of these mountain are made of coal. Pakistan is the 2nd best country which has 2nd largest coal reserves iin this world. Every year trillions barrels of coal is being export from Pakistan and this is the source of National Income too.

Country With Largest Salt Mine:

Pakistan is the world’s biggest country where world’s largest salt mine exist. In Pakistan, Khewra mine is the largest mine in the world where more than 300 million tons salt is present. This makes the country to stand at top of the list of the best countries in the world.

Country With Largest Gas Reserves:

As you know this country is GOD gifted by natural reserves. It has the world’s 3rd largest gas reserves which makes it great. According to a report Pakistan has gas reserves of 28tcf which has been discovered and being utilizing.

Country with the 5th Largest Gold and Copper Reserves:

Pakistan has large number of natural and mineral resources including gold and copper. Pakistan is standing at 5th position according to the copper and gold reserves. In Pakistan, Reko Diq is the place where huge amount of gold and copper result are available. The gold which is being mined from Pakistan is raw gold and it has more worth than other ordinary gold.

Country With Best National Anthem:

National Anthem of this country is ranked as the best national anthem in the world according to its tune and lyrics. No other national anthem is as good as National Anthem of Pakistan is.

Country with Largest Cotton Producer:

Pakistan is ranked as the 4th Largest cotton producer in the world. Pakistan not only produces cotton for its nation but also export cotton in all across the world. The quality of the cotton is also good and it makes its place in the list of best countries in world.

Country With Deep Sea Port:

This country has the deepest sea port which is Gwadar. Gwadar is situated on a place which is center point for all those countries who want to trade around the world. Any country who want to trade in any country of the world from east to west or south to north, that country have to pass through Pakistan.

Country with Finest Footballs:

Pakistan is known for its finest sports equipment in the world. Pakistani Footballs are known as the best footballs in the world. More than 50% of the footballs are being produced in this country. Asides this, football’s of Pakistan are being used in FIFA and football world cups.

In a nutshell, Pakistan Is the Best Country in the world which has number of edge on other countries. No one can deny from the reality that Pakistan is best country in world. All those students who are looking for the Pakistan Is the Best Country in the world essay can use this essay for their exams of their schools colleges and universities.

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