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Pakistan introduce 3G Technology – What is 3G Technology?

Pakistan’s government is going to introduce 3G Technology in the country. The third Generation mostly known as 3G is a mobile telecommunication technology. This technology is being used worldwide and also was supposed to be introduced in Pakistan a few years ago but failed to be implemented due to some unfortunate reason. The number of smartphones users are increasing day by day and the experts believe that there is a huge market potential available for 3G services.

The estimated number of mobile phone subscribers is over 122 million at the moment and the 30 million population has access to the internet. At the moment the telecom firms operating in the country are earning approximately 15 percent of their total revenue through Value Added Services (VAS) from which around 12 percent comes from the mobile internet service. So by looking at this pattern it is estimated that with the introduction of 3G technology this demand will increase more with the passage of time.

Pakistan introduce 3G Technology – What is 3G Technology?

Pakistan introduce 3G Technology - What is 3G Technology?

“Pakistan introduce 3G Technology – What is 3G Technology?”

Most of the countries in the world are now moving towards the 4G technology or at least have this 3G technology from many past years. Even a less developed neighbor of Pakistan, Afghanistan already has this 3G technology, and the other neighbor India is now moving towards the implementation of 4G in the country.

But as they say it’s never too late to do the right thing now Pakistan has decided to finally implement the Third Generation (3G) technology. If the government will be able to conduct a 3G license auction in the next few months then in 2021 Pakistan will also be among the line of countries that have this technology.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has tried to organize this auction on a few occasions till now but has always failed to complete the task. To make the auction successful this time the government will have to make sure that they organize a fair and transparent auction this time.

According to the initial estimates, the 3G auction will bring around 1 billion dollars to Pakistan in the form of license fees and another billion for infrastructure development of the industry within just two years. The unemployment rate in the country is quite high and with the introduction of this technology, a large number of employment opportunities will also be created.

Overall, the Pakistan telecom market is very suitable for investment in 3G technology as the highest portion of the countries population consists of youngsters which are regular users of the internet. With the increasing usage of smartphones, 4G technology is definitely going to be the next big thing in the telecom industry.

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