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Pakistan Basic Problems

Today everyone speaks of problems, gossips around, discussing the matters yet we have not reached any conclusion. We even don’t know really what is the root cause of these problems? Somebody declares the bad condition of the educational system as the root cause of this situation; some suggest politics and so on so far. Everyone has his own terms and conditions.

Look! We all know we have problems. What is the root cause? First of all we have to build consensus in this regard, then finding the solution and the procedure for that. Here I will restrict myself to identifying the root cause of these issues.

Gentlemen! We are endowed with minds and bringing them to work we can make some sensible thinking and can analyze the things for ourselves. The future is in our hands. If we can not do any practical work today we can at least analyze the things, understand them, know what is the real effect of that thing on the society and how? We can then even generate some ideas in solving that and whenever we get any opportunity to do something we will be clear about our target.

I will not take your time in discussing the problems rather I would come directly to the possible solutions often mentioned by the people.


Some people think we might be able to improve the situation through education. I agree but how? Our education system is struck by the political elements. It is only producing money machines, not imparting social values to the students (sometimes the teachers are so unsocial, sorry to say but it is true). So to improve the level of education we’ll have to mend the education policies first. But who will make these policies? Of course the politicians and I am sorry but I think our feelings about them are not that good to rely on them for the just amendments. One may say through fair elections it is possible to elect good leadership but I beg your pardon how would it happen? First of all the cream of the society doesn’t come forward, secondly money matters and thirdly and most importantly how would an uneducated nation select the best ones? The funny aspect of this discussion is that if an uneducated nation could do this, how will this situation be created and who would be able to usurp their rights.


Some of us also refer to economic crisis to be root cause of the whole scenario. I agree. How can economy flourish? Once again politics get involved. But the next hurdle which is even more to analyze is that we are under the great influence of “IMF” and “World Bank”. Will they be pleased with our economic prosperity? I do not think so. Because we greatly depend on them and they are the tools of a socialist system which is not benefiting the poor ones but an elite class. That is why I don’t see any possibilities there. As long as we are under their “kind hand” and influence, we can not make our own way.


In fact “Economy” and “Justice” are the two main pillars of survival for any nation. These play a vital role in the development and balancing of the nation. But sorry to say the institution is not functioning well. There are a lot of things to keep an eye on like the political factor, insecurity of the relevant people, the complex judiciary system and more importantly the law which governs all the actions. Is this law ours? Certainly not! It is the modified form of “Indian Act 1935”. The judiciary has to follow the acts passed through bills and resolutions in the assemblies. I am sorry, again politics…Oh! I am sick of it!


The whole machinery that runs the affairs of a state is called the “SYSTEM” (its layout is called the setup). “SYSTEM” includes the education system, judicial system, economic system etc.

Now in the light of the above discussion we may conclude that our “SYSTEM” is really the root cause of our plight. If we wish to have some good time and prosperity, we would have to change this “SYSTEM”. As long as we are a part of this “SYSTEM” we would not be able to go forward. Because the main concept of this “SYSTEM” is not the well being of the common people (the majority of the nation) but it only safeguards the wishes of a small group of people. The “SYSTEM” basically empowers the elite class while the déclassé (poor people) are always crushed under the ruthless rollers of the “SYSTEM”.

The question arises “what makes me say all this? Do I have any evidence from an Islamic point of view?” When we look into the pages of history we observe our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) saying “There is no God but ALLAH”. Does it mean that it was just a contradiction of Beliefs among the Muslims and Non-Muslims or was it a clash between two different “SYSTEMS”? You think about it yourself, analyze it and do tell me whether I am right or wrong? Look! We have to build a consensus as the future is in our hand and it is surely ours. I will be waiting for your comments as it will guide me through my future life. Thanks a lot!

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