Pakistan Army Major Salary Uniform and Facilities

If you are here for the best result of Pakistan Army Major Salary then you are at right place. Everyone is curious to know about the Salary major Uniform and the facilities they get according to their ranks. Pakistan Army Major provides their unique uniform to their officers those uniforms will knot provide at any local shop and no one get permission to wear army uniform. All army officers are loved by the whole country due to their sacrifices they give for Pakistan. Pakistan Army Major gets minimum salary package as their sacrifices are more than their salary. In this post we will provide you single information about the salary uniform and the facilities. Basic army scale is 17 scale. Captain waits for 5 years to become a major, these 5 years are full of sacrifices and the splendid record of their progress that make a captain to the major.

The age of captain is 24 to 29 years so the major of Pakistan Army age is started after the 29 years. The exact salary package is not yet officially prominent but through our personal linkage we get to know that the salary of the starting major is 55000 up to the 1 lac 20000.

Pakistan Army Major Salary Uniform and Facilities

For more information about the uniform and the facility that is given to the Pakistan Army Major is provided in further post. After showing the best performance by the Pakistan Army Major given them all the government department but the one thing is marked that only best performance giving major get these facilities.

Pakistan Army Major Salary Uniform and Facilities

Free medical treatments and the housing facility are also given to the Pakistan Army Major but the houses are only given to those majors who have married martial status but the apartment is given to the unmarried and single Pakistan Army Major. 50% discount also given by the travelling agency PIA they reached at any destination in just few currency notes then others. Major’s child got good education in best schools in free of cost. These facilities are given to the army major and their families during their life but after their death their family also got facilities and the award that is given in the remembrance of the Pakistan Army Major.

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