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PAK AIMS Admission Fall 2020 Entry Test Sample Papers

Students get complete details of PAK AIMS Admission Fall 2020 Entry Test Sample Papers. The Institute of Management Sciences Pak AIMS has announced the various admissions in the different programs so if you are interested to get the admission in this university so you should apply for the admission as soon as possible because after the Due dates admission forms will not be considered So please do not waste your time and start your admission procedure now. The Institute of Management sciences Pak-Aims a “W” Category Institute recognized by the Higher Education commission HEC. IMS offers admission on the basis of applicants’ previous academic record, the aptitude test score and a personal interview for evaluation and suitability for studies in the required program.

PAK AIMS Admission Fall 2020

Admissions Schedule Fall 2020 :

Department of Business Administration (Pak-AIMS)

  • BBA

4 Years Program

  • BS Accounting & Finance

4 Years Program

Department of Computer Science

  • M.Sc. (Computer Science)

(Morning / Evening)

Majors: Web Application Development. Mobile Application Development. Database Systems, Software Engineering. Computer Communication

  • BS (Computer Science)

Majors: Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development. Software Engineering & Project Management, Computer Networks 8. Communication, Data Mining 8. Database Systems.

PAK AIMS Admission Fall

Entry test Sample Paper Procedure:-




This section aims at assessing the Standard English usage capability of the candidate. The questions in this section may include fill in the blanks, identifying error(s) in a sentence on picking up sentences having the same meaning etc.


Refrigeration of meat  the spread of bacteria.

  1. retards
  2. retarding
  3. to retard
  4. is retarded

Answer?    A   B    C   D



This section will consist of a passage chosen a variety if topics. You will have to read the passage carefully and then answer the questions given at the end of the passage. Some of these answers may directly some from the passage others may have to be implied. However, each question will be followed by five possible answers. You will be required to choose the most appropriate one and mark the answer grid of your answer sheet.



Clarity of some fundamental mathematical principles is evaluated through this section. The question may include ratios, percentage, averages, profit and loss calculations fundamental algebraic expressions, and basic trigonometry.

If m is proportional to n, such that when n= 4, then m = 5 what is value of m when n = 18

  1. 30.35
  2. 22.5
  3. 4.9
  4. 10.35

Answer?    A   B    C   D



This section will have a number of sentences containing error(s) in grammar, usage diction (choice of words), or idioms. Some sentences will be correct. The error in the sentences. If there is one, will be underlined and lettered. You will be required to identify the error and mark the answer gird. If there is no error you will be required to mark the answer gird E.


The human foot is made up of a mass of nerves, muscles,
A                           B               C
tendons, and has bones No error
D               E
Answer?    A   B    C   D    E


The pattern and structure of the aptitude of the test is based upon GMAT. The student may find the standard preparation guide for GMAT also useful for this test.

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