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Online Jobs In Pakistan For Matric And Inter Level Students

Bad bad economy of Pakistan and increasing poverty is making students of matric and intermediate level go for jobs. Now the question is with so little education what job can they get? Here I mention some of the jobs they can go for:

Online Jobs In Pakistan For Matric And Inter Level Students

Article writing job:

Students having good English and sense of researching can opt a field to write article writing. Article writing jobs are mostly found on internet.  Before a person find article writing jobs make sure that you have at least enough confident that you can write an article. And you don’t face any language barrier. Not only internet but also many magazines too offer such jobs.

Data entry jobs:

This is a very hectic job as data entry jobs in Pakistan are actually the capatcha entry jobs. These are widely found jobs but a catch is that they are not well paying and too much time consuming. But yes students having awesome and accurate fast typing speed can go for this job.  One thing should be kept in mind that what so ever you writing speed is while doing this job you can only perform with half of it.

Call center services:

This is the job very famous among young boys. These jobs are well paying to the students who have good English speaking skills but the problem here they have to face is the timing. Most of the call centers are affiliated to companies abroad and those companies offers job at night shifts. And obviously this may become hurdle in their studies.

I don’t consider this job very good for students because studies should always be kept as first priority. In these jobs mostly sales job is offered and the contact of service center is with the customer abroad.

Doing a part-time job with studies is not a very easy task. A student while opting to do this should keep it in mind for sure. But yes while getting into this turmoil he should just stop and think first that if he/she joins this field will it be helpful to him/her in some other way too other than earning money. If yes! Then you should just step into it. For students getting a part-time job is sometimes first step into a real world.

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