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NADRA Launches Smart Card For Children

The NADRA Launches SNICs Chip based Smart National Identity Cards for adult and this project was successful worked and after this now the NADRA Pakistan has launched the Smart card for the Children on the Chip based this project will worked good because of the adult Population of Pakistan.

The National Adult Database Registration Authority NADARA has issued the Smart card for the Children those under the age of 18 years we are expecting that this project will successful as well like SNICS. The chip-based card will be distinguished from Child Registration Certificate (CRC), as it will become a ‘entitlement document’ with multiple facilities.

NADRA Launches Smart Card For Children

The launch of this state-of-the-art Smart Identity Card is to extend an experience of hi-tech security solution for the protection of juveniles’ identity. Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik said the chip-based Smart Identity Card for the children will offer multi-dimensional usage and services, health, educational, social and financial inclusion programs.

The Tariq Malik Chairman of the NADRA Pakistan has said that the Smart Card Identity Card will be safest way and very secure card for the Children because it cannot be simulated or fake, He said that it very safe because of its Chip system (the Electronic chip is the fitted in it) which helps the government to provide all out facilities like health and education records.

And in this card also recorded the Insurance policies and Financial support, so in the case of calamity to this specific segment of society. Nadra currently issues Child Registration Certificate (CRC) for registration of children under the age of 18. CRC is written on A4 sized secure paper holding the child’s name, gender and date of birth will be provided on that card.

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There is no picture of the child on the CRC. However, the new Smart Card will carry child’s picture with biometric record. This card is not mandatory. CRC (B-Form) shall remain valid and NADRA shall continue to issue the same as per registration policy in vogue.

“NADRA is empowering government with a medium to transform into a welfare state by launching multi-faced Smart Card platform”, Said Tariq Malik.

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