My Journey by Train English Essay

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It was a sunny day when I received a letter from my friend Asad, inviting me to spend these holidays with him in Murree. I asked my parents and they allowed me to go Murree with my friend Asad. First we decided to go by Daewoo but suddenly we have decided to move by train and next morning at 7O clock we were on Lahore Railway station. We went to booking office and bought two tickets to Rawalpindi .Train arrival time was 8 o Clock and we entered the platform.

As the train arrived all the passengers rushed toward train. We also entered in a compartment and say down. After 15 minutes a person with green flag whistled loudly and waved the green flag. Train made sound and started slowly. After some time the train entered into green fields and then into forest.

My Journey by Train English Essay

We saw many animals in the forest who were running here and there. After sometime the train stopped on its 1st station and many shopkeepers entered into the train and started selling their things. We also bought some things to eat because we started feeling hungry. The journey was quite interesting but suddenly some people started shouting and started fighting. That was the worst part of the journey because they were also disturbing the other passengers too. Police men came to rescue those who were fighting in the train.

Essay on My Journey by Train English

After that a ticket checker entered into the train and started checking tickets. Three passengers was without tickets and they were made to pay fine along with fare. The ticket checker also threatened them to sue them legally but on their request he let them go. Finally we reached to the Rawalpindi and some collies entered into the train. We hired a coly and he took our luggage to taxi and by taxi we reached to the Murree. This was my first experience with train and I will never forget this journey. This will always remain fresh in my mind because I saw many new things during this journey and I also realized that journey in train is better than any other mood.

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