MSC Botany Scope in Pakistan

The field of botany is having many job opportunities. Therefore, the students who want to study in MSC botany can get valuable information about the botany field course. In this way, the MSC Botany Scope in Pakistan Starting Salary Subjects List is available here. So, the students can get a necessary thing that will help to choose subjects in the botany field. However, there are almost all universities that are providing the course of botany. In fact, the medical universities are comparatively having this course in their faculties. So, students can get admission to any university to get an education in the botany field.

Firstly, the students who are having confusion about the university to get admission for this field can get information here. There is one of the famous and students friendly universities that is offering the students to get a degree in botany from there. That is Allama Iqbal Open University which is providing the MSc course of Botany for students at their doorsteps. However, there are many other universities in which you can start your MSc in the botany field. But this university has a lot of facilities like studying from home or workplaces.

MSC Botany Scope in Pakistan Starting Salary Subjects List

Before going further, the university is providing the MSc degree in botany semester-wise. In this way, we will list out the subjects of the first semester for the students. So, the students can imagine that what kind of subjects will study in this field semester-wise. However, we are again telling you that it is not compulsory that you should get admission to this university. It’s your choice that which university is suitable for your study program.

Subjects of Botany

  • Firstly, the Plant Anatomy subject
  • Secondly, the Phycology subject
  • As well as Bryology subject also for the first semester
  • Biochemistry
  • Bacteriology
  • Virology

Starting Salary and Scope of Botany

The students can get many jobs in the Botany field in Pakistan for their careers. In this way, the scope of this field is good according to the job opportunities. Basically, the students can get many jobs in agriculture with a handsome amount of salary. In fact, they can get the starting salary for their career as 30K to 40K in Pakistan. However, they can get the jobs of research and analysis in Plants. On the other hand, the educational sectors are also opening the door of a career as a lecturer and professor of Botany. So, you can get any of them to start your career in Pakistan.

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