Math Guess Paper 2024 Class 9 Punjab Board

All aspirants who are preparing for the Math can see the Math Guess Paper 2024 Class 9 Punjab Board at this place. The subject has 17 chapters of which some have only definitions. So, the aspirants who focus on those can get more than 25 marks on the paper. But it is not enough to rely on these numbers. So, you should also start the practice of short inquiries as well as some long ones to get good enough marks in this subject. In this way, here we are putting some major inquiries as well as their numbers including the exercise. So, it will help to keep those expiries and their parts in mind to get high marks.

The guess that we are mentioning here can help you to get enough marks in your exam. In this case, we are covering it to the units of the book. So, it will help to determine the inquiries and some major definitions that can come in the paper. However, some model papers can help to figure out the scheme and pattern of the paper. So, you can also take a survey on the main page of this site. It will show you all the necessary things that will help you to find the past papers of all subjects and more.

Math Guess Paper 2024 Class 9 Punjab Board

1 chapter:

In this unit, there are five exercises from 1.1 to 1.5. Let’s see the major inquiries.

In exercise 1.1 the Q3 is major. 1.2 has Q5 with (c), (e), and Q6 with i, ii, and 1.3 has Q2(f), Q3 vii, Q4 iv, Q5 vii, ix, x and Q6, 7, and 8 are major. 1.4 has Q2, Q3 i, ii, v. Q4 a, b, d. Q5 iv. Q6 ii. 1.5 has Q1 ii, Q2 iv. Lastly, the 1.6 Q1, 3, 4, and 5 are complete.

2 Chapter:

In exercise 2.1 Q5, Q6. 2.3 Q3 as well as 2.4 Q1, 2, 3. 2.5 Q1 (ii, v, vi), Q2 (iii, v), Q3 v, Q4 (v, vi) Q5 iv Q6 (v, vi) Q7 ii.

3 Chapter:

Exercise 3.1 Q1 and Q2. 3.2 Q4, Q5, Q6. 3.3 Q2, Q5. 3.4 Q1 and Q6 with log law.

4 Chapter:

Exercise 4.1 Q3, Q4 4.2 complete exercise. 4.3 Q2 and 4.4 Q6. 4.5 Q8

5 Chapter:

Exercise 5.1 Q4, Q5. 5.2 Q2, Q5, Q7. 5.4 Q1, Q3 and Q7.

6 Chapter:

Exercise 6.1 Q6 to Q11 6.2 Q3,Q6, Q8, Q9, Q13. 6.3 Q6, Q7.

7 Chapter:

Exercise 7.1 Q1 and Q2. 7.2 Q2 and 7.3 Q1, Q5 and Q6.

8 Chapter:

Exercise 8.1 Q5. 8.2 Q2, Q4. 8.3 Q3, Q5 and Q6.

9 Chapter:

Exercise 9.1 Q1 and Q2. 9.2 Q3, Q5 and Q7 to Q10. 9.3 Q3 to Q5.

11 Chapter:

Q3 to Q5 complete

12 Chapter complete.

17 Chapter also complete.

So, all the above inquiries are major to the help of old papers and some tips. In this way, you should keep in mind to recall and practice these inquiries before going to attempt the paper. So, it will help to find the additional data when you will start practicing. However, we will recommend remembering all definitions from the end of the book and exercise review.

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