Management Courses Offered in Pakistan

Management skills are the need of time because today’s changing socio-business environment and increasing globalization have created an international community demanding global management. Management includes many professional areas but mainly the management courses are business related courses. The management courses introduce the skills of professionalism among the students.

The management courses equip the candidates to acquire a good understanding of strategic management, human resource management, accounting, marketing, management information systems and entrepreneurship. These qualities are required by leaders in a professional business environment with leadership abilities and entrepreneurial thinking in the broad area of business administration.

Management Courses Offered in Pakistan
Management Courses Offered in Pakistan

The candidates develop the knowledge and ability to manage and sustain business operations and to build a business plan for market share growth based on ethical practice and outlook. In this way they will be able to conduct some research into business and management issues. These were the benefits of studying management courses in Pakistan.

List of Management courses is mentioned below:

Management courses include all the business related courses.

  1. B.Com (Hons.)
  2. M.Com
  3. BB IT (Hons.)
  4. BBA Hons. Banking & Finance
  5. BBA Hons. Insurance & Risk Management
  6. BPA Hons. Public Administration
  7. MBA Marketing
  8. MBA Finance
  9. MBA Human Resource Management
  10. CA
  11. ACCA
  12. CIMA
  13. BSc. (Honors) Accounting and Finance
  14. BSc (Honors) Management Science
  15. Executive MBA
  16. PhD Management
  17. MS Finance
  18. MS Marketing
  19. MS Management
  20. MS Supply chain
  21. Masters in Project Management

Diploma programs in Management Science courses include:

  • Diploma in accounts Management
  • Diploma in auditing
  • Diploma in business and Finance Management
  • Diploma in marketing management
  • Diploma in Business Accounting and Finance
  • Diploma in advance financial Accounting
  • Diploma in business administration and management
  • Diploma in business communication
  • Diploma in cost and management accounting
  • Diploma in human resource management
  • Diploma in international business management
  • Diploma in Supply chain Management

Career opportunities in Management courses:

There is vast range of opportunities for a person having management and business background. The graduates of management sciences have very bright career opportunities in this field. They will be able to start out on an exciting job hunt as a newly graduate or they will be able to embark on new challenges in your existing career.

The job market for Management sciences graduates it is very international, ranging from positions in national firms to employment in international or multinational companies. Graduates of this field are self-motivated, mature, innovative and independent. Many graduates are in high demand by employers in the financial, healthcare, public, education, marketing, sales and advertising sectors.

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