Make Your Summer Vacations Memorable for Life Time

Summer vacation is a time to explore you and find out yourself. In summers most of the students are free after having tough time in their school/college. They want to do something else rather than daily grind of the school. There are many ways to make your summers a fun for you. We will tell you some methods to make your summers a memorable time. You should choose your choice of work which makes you happy. These are the ways to make your summers a pleasant time.

Make Your Summer Vacations Memorable for Life Time

  • Eat and Learn to cook healthy Foods:


All the students should give more time to their family because it was your mother, father, brother or sister who helped you when you were so much stressed-out in exams. It is the right time to take care of your family members. Girls should help their mother in the kitchen and also take care of their own diet. Usually most of the students are careless about their health due to exam stress so this is the best time to regain your energy and health. Those who have put on weight while studying and no outdoor activity they should lose weight.

Most of the time it happens that students lose weight and become weak due to over work so they should take care of their diet by eating healthy and nutritious food. Girls who are free from exams can also learn cooking they should try some new recepies and amuse their family members. These summers are the best time to learn to cook your favorite recopies. So keep learning and enjoy cooking. In this way your family would be happy with you and automatically you will feel energetic by seeing a smile on the face of your mother.

  • Visit Your Favorite historical Places: These summers is the best time to explore your country by visiting some of beautiful and historical places of Pakistan. Summer holidays are the days of recreation and useful activity. In these summers plan some trip to the beautiful places of our country. You can visit the northern areas of Pakistan. These areas are very beautiful.

You can also visit the historical places in Pakistan like Pakistan Monument in Islamabad which represents the cultural heritage of Pakistan. The history of Pakistan would be clear to all the children who visit this place.


It is Kot Diji Fort which is located in Khairpur Pakistan. It is called as the ancestral home of royal house. It was built between “1785-1790”. This fort is over half a kilometer long. This fort was built by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur, founder of the kingdom of upper Sindh in 1783. This is one of the historical forts of Pakistan.


It is called as Balahisar Fort, Peshawar. It was built in 16th century. Bala Hisar Fort is one of the most historical places of Peshawar. The word Bala Hisar is form Persian, meaning, “elevated or high fort”.


The other historical places include Baltit Fort Hunza, Derawar Fort Cholistan, Katas Fort Kallar Kahar, Lahore Fort Lahore, Pakka Qila Hyderabad, Ranikot Fort Jamshoro, Rohtas Fort Jehlum, Khaplu Fort Hunza, Attock Fort Attock and many other historical places of Pakistan.

  • Try some Painting and Photography:


This summer is the best time to do some colorful activity because you have all the leisure time. If you were thinking to do some painting but could not find some time because of exams so you should utilize summer vacations to enjoy paintings. In this way you can explore your talents.

These summers are best time to take your favorite pictures. The chance to take a break from worrying about work, go on vacation, and spend your time worrying about getting good pictures. While taking picture always think of taking natural pictures. You can catch all your beautiful moments in a camera. You can keep your memories for long lasting period in this way. Be practical and spend your time in this activity. You will surely find intense joy when taking pictures.

  • Story Reading:


  There are many good books available by which you can learn a lot. You can also improve your English skills by reading a good novel. Not only an English book but you can also read other good books or novels. There are some excellent novel writers. Make a habit of story reading in these summers because this habit makes your mind imaginative. These types of activities increase the concentration level of kids. You should do this useful activity to make you active and smart.

  • Gardening:

Gardening is a joyful activity. Gardening is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do and it provides you ample amount of exercise as well as satisfaction. In these summers you should try this activity. Dedicate your time to a garden, full of beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables and fruits. Use your creativity and develop a green thumb. By doing this activity you feel closer to the nature and all time fresh. Greenery enhances eye vision and in the early morning walking on the grass increases your blood circulation.  As you know that trees spread oxygen and keep a balance in nature. So try to plant more trees in your native areas. Gardening makes you fresh you as well as keep the nature clean.

  • Computer & Video Games:  

If you feel sunny and warm weather outside then you can play computer games sitting in your homes. There are some great online games from which you can spend your time. Parents should check their children when they are using computer. There are many exciting computer games you can game of your own choice for example racing games, mission games, puzzle games, fighting games, thrilling games, mystery solving games and many more. 

  • Learn Driving:

Summer vacation is the best time to learn driving. Children who are free from exams should utilize this time to learn car driving. The best time for driving is early in the morning because it is the time when you are fresh and also the traffic on the road is less. Those who want to drive efficiently they should take the supervision of their parents or any expert. You should also have the knowledge of traffic signs and different parts of a car.

  • Watch Your Favorite movie: 

In these summers, you can watch your favorite movies that you missed during exams. Movie watching can be an exciting fun if you make a plan to watch your favorite movie for example you can arrange your favorite foods and drinks. Then watching your movie can be a fun, the movie can be funny, thrilling, drama, comedy etc

Learn a Language: You can learn your favorite language in these summers. For those who want to learn English, they should take advantage of this time because they can do short courses in English language which can be very beneficial for them. All these activities can be very helpful to those students who want to enjoy their time in some useful activity. In the end I wish all students that Have a nice summer vacations.

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