Major Problems of Women/ Female Education in Pakistan

Getting an education is one of the basic needs of every human not only in Pakistan but also all across the world. It is our religious obligation to get an education. If you are looking for the importance of female education in Pakistan or Major Problems of Women/ Female Education in Pakistan then you are in the right place. Pakistan is an Islamic country and follows the rules and regulations according to Islam. According to the constitution of Pakistan, it is mandatory to provide education to every single person in the country without any discrimination of gender. But in our education system, there is still discrimination.

According to the latest reports, the literacy rate of women is lower than that of men in Pakistan. Most girls don’t join school due to society’s pressure. Females are the most important part of society. It is a very alarming situation that only 15 to 20 girls per 100 can get an education to the intermediate level. The rest of the girls stop getting an education due to many reasons. Here we will discuss the major problems of women or major problems of female education in Pakistan, which are listed below on this site. So have a look at the below paragraphs.

Major problems of women female education in Pakistan

One of the biggest problems of female education in Pakistan is the unawareness of the importance of education in people. Especially those people who belong to backward areas or rural areas. Islam taught us to provide education to both males and females but mostly parents send their boys to school but don’t send their daughters. They consider that women are only meant to stay at home and not to go outside. As all of you know in Pakistan, the tribe system still exists and this is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of women’s education in Pakistan.

Major Problems of Women/ Female Education in Pakistan

Major Problems of Female Education in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan spends a minor part of its GDP on education. The unfair division of funds between male and female educational institutes is also one of the biggest reasons for the low literacy rate in Pakistani women. There are only a few schools for women in rural areas of Pakistan. Most parents don’t send their daughters to school because the schools are very far from their houses. Aside from this, people of rural areas only educated their daughters in primary or middle education.

They don’t send their daughter to colleges and universities. This is also one of the major problems of women’s education in Pakistan. In our society, women are considered the weaker members of society. They are not allowed to go outside without any male member of the family. Most of the girls don’t go to school due to the fear of society in Pakistan.

Those girls who go to school or colleges to get an education fail because of low-quality education. First of all, there are only a few educational institutes, and second, the education is not good in those educational institutes. There are also many other Major problems of female education in Pakistan. For more information about problems in women’s education, please stay tuned with us.

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