Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

If you are looking for a list of Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan then you are in the right place. Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world which has a large number of medical institutes. There are many private and public medical institutes that have been providing world-class education. A large number of students every year apply for admission to this medical college. As the number of students is higher than the number of institutes, therefore, it is very difficult to get admission.

It is the dream of every student that he or she will get admission to any good medical college and get a world-class education in Pakistan. Those students who have excellent marks are eligible to be admitted in top medical colleges but there are some students who haven’t good marks but still want to be admitted to a good medical college.

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They always remain in search of low-merit private medical colleges so that they can pursue their dreams. If you are also one of those and looking for a private medical college then you are in the right place. Here you will come to know about the Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan from this well-reputed site.

Top 10 Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

List of low merit Private Medical Colleges:

  1. Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore
  2. Aziz Fatima Medical College Faisalabad
  3. Independent Medical College Faisalabad
  4.  Rai Medical College Sargodha
  5. Niazi Medical College Sargodha
  6. Amna Inayat Medical College Sheikupura
  7. Continental Medical College Lahore
  8. Muhammad medical college Mir Pur Khaas
  9. Rashid Latif medical college Lahore
  10. Abwa Medical College Faisalabad
  11. Hashmat medical college Gujrat
  12. Sharif Medical College Lahore

This is the list of medical colleges which has lower merit than other private or public institutes. These colleges also provide quality education to students on a merit basis and every year number of doctors contribute to the Market which graduates from these colleges.

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All those candidates who have a dream or their parents have a dream to make them doctors but due to any negligence, their numbers are not good can pursue their dream by getting an education from these medical colleges. These colleges also charge fewer fees as their merit is also low. If you have any questions in your mind regarding the Low Merit Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan then you can ask us through comments on this site. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. You can also stay tuned with us for further and more up-to-date information.

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