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List of Private, Government Schools in Sialkot

Here we are describing a List of Private, Government schools in the Sialkot district of Punjab, Pakistan. So, these all schools are providing good education to the students. So which that most English medium schools are getting a good name in the primary, middle as well as high secondary school systems. Therefore, there are lots of educational organizations that are increasingly in the education sector. However, boys and girls separate sections of Primary, Middle, and high secondary schools. So, they are situated in the various areas of Sialkot like that Daska, Pasrur, Sambrial, and Sialkot.

However, these private and government schools are providing various educational facilities to their students. In fact, private schools are also known as independent schools. So, institutes which that an important part of civil society. Middle school and high schools are levels of matric 9th and 10th class. So, which acts as a sort of bridge among elementary and high schools. Here we are going to mention Government schools in all areas of Sialkot.

Government Boys High Schools in, SIALKOT

  • Govt Boys High School ARABIC SIALKOT
  • Boys High School BHAGOWAL, SIALKOT
  • Government Boys High School CHANU MOME, SIALKOT
  • Boys High School CHAPRAR, SIALKOT
  • Boys High School CHITTY SHAIKHAN, Sialkot

Government Girls High School in the Sialkot

  • Girls High School ADALAT GARH, SIALKOT
  • Govt Girls High School AHMADIA SIALKOT, SIALKOT
  • Girls High School BHAGOWAL, SIALKOT
  • Girls High School BHARATH, SIALKOT
  • Government Girls High School CHAPRAR, SIALKOT

List of Private, Government schools in Sialkot

List of schools in Sialkot Pakistan

According to the Private independent schools, Army and Rangers educational institute in Sialkot, Punjab.

  • Army Public School
  • The City School, Girls Campus
  • The City School (Cantt Campus Sialkot)
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary Sialkot
  • The Educators
  • Rangers Public School
  • Army Public School (Girls Branch)
  • Sialkot Public School
  • Dar-e-Arqam School
  • The City School
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • OPF School and College (Sialkot)
  • The City School (Girls Campus Sialkot)
  • The City School (Iqbal Campus Sialkot)
  • Lahore Grammer School (Sialkot Campus)
  • Dar-e-Arqam School
  • The Sky School
  • Roots Thematic Montessori Sialkot
  • Roots Junior School Sialkot

We will be more government and private schools in the different areas of the Sialkot district of Punjab. These all schools are organized by various government or private organizations such as American Lyceum Lahore, Catholic Board Lahore, Fauji Foundation, Federal Government, Punjab Government, and many more. Please stay with us for the latest information regard boys, girls, and co-education schools here online.

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