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List of Local NGO’s In Pakistan

Pakistan is a vast country. It is still a developing country. Pakistan however a nuclear power is one of the countries that require joint effort of all of us to make it prosperous. Some of the noble people took initiative and formed NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) to play their role in development and well-being of Pakistan. Here I have mentioned working NGO’s around Pakistan’s big cities.

Complete List of Local NGO’s Working In Pakistan


AHD- Association for Human Development Disaster reponse
Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Center AHKRC is engaged in evidence based research on youth, aid effectiveness, social accountability, sustainable solutions, participatory development and development innovations
Community Uplift Program Works with community partners and all stakeholders for ending the vicious poverty cycle in Pakistan
Helping Hand for Relief and Development
Life Welfare Trust Committed to self sustainable development of vulnerable community through social mobilization in Primary Health Care Programs
Mehergarh: A Center For Learning
Potohar organization for Development Advocacy
Pakistan Social Association (PSA) 
Mountain and Glacier protection society MGPO programmes are designed to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged communities by providing them with improved access to education and healthcare services, and by building physical infrastructure and water management systems that contribute to social, economic and environmental security.
Roshni Foundation Provides easy and equal Health facilitation to the needy and financially deprived masses, establishment of educational institutes in rural areas
Aasaan Foundation Working for the realization of a Peaceful society offering Cohesion, Harmony and Love in all over the Pakistan
Waheed Relief Organization Striving for a society based on equality for all in education, opportunity, justice, freedom of speech and freedom of information .A society with a sense and practice of respect for all religions, casts and color.
Khubaib Foundation
Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Capacity development organization with a mission to create ‘change-makers’ who promote socio-economic transformation
Human Shield support the marginalized areas’ people and provide the basic rights to common and victimized people




HEAL- Health Education and Literacy Trust
Health and Education foundation Lahore Objectives are to aid, assist, set-up, maintain, administer and run Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, mother and Child Care Centers, Clinics, Dispensaries, immunization and vaccination centers etc
Kawish Welfare Trust A social welfare organization, started with the aim of providing free Education and Medical Facilities for the poor and needy .
Democratic Commission For Human Development DCHD is committed to create a tolerant, democratic and pluralistic society based on human rights principles and ideals


Idara Aaghosh Promote and protect Children’s Rights (CRC).
Missing, Runaway and Street’s Children.
Working Children and bonded labor.
Free Children Legal aid cell.
Advocate every child’s right to education.
Violence against children.
Health of the child.
CCF- Child Care Foundation of Pakistan
CAP – Consumers association of Pakistan Voice for Pakistani consumers. Protecting consumer rights



Flame Foundation Concentrates on the betterment and development of the marginalized communities with a vision to generate a society with equal citizenship
Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB) helping communities living in these low income settlements install underground piping to channel sewage to the main municipal sewage line.
Tamir Welfare Organisation Ambition to strengthen the community through various development projects by fostering  self- reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustained opportunities and available resources.
Harmony Foundation Harmony Foundation is a human rights, advocacy and development organization working with the marginalized communities in the districts of Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and desert area Hasil Pur
Sewa- Socio Economic Watch Association Struggle for rights of bonded labors in brick kilns worker, carpet industries and agriculture sides



Hasaan Foundation Hasaan Foundation is a recognized not-for-profit leader in affordable Community development for Support the Children & women, Health, Education, Awareness on Drugs abuse preventions and rehabilitation, sustainable Livelihood
Ufaq Development Organization
Zakariya Welfare Development Association
DASE Development Organization Mission To exterminate poverty, injustice, inequality, discrimination and variation



Awareness on Human rights, Social Development and Action Society (AHSAS-PK) Facilitates marginalized communities with the opportunities by socially mobilizing them and building their capacity to use available human and natural resource potential for positive social change
SEHER- Society for empowering human resource To empower the marginalised segment of the society to assert for their social, economic and political rights
Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP)
MAHEC trust (Helping Council) for Community Development Balochistan focusing on Health issues, education and Women Empowerment.NGO started working in the field of Reproductive health, Family planning, SRHR, CBRH Capacity building and skill development.
Roshni Development  Organization (PDO)
(No website)
Water, Environment & Sanitation Society (WESS)(website down) Non-government development organization dedicated to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of the poorest communities in Balochistan
SCSPEB- Society for Community Support for Primary Education in Balochistan  Society realizes that promoting education as a whole, especially that for girls, requires support from all stakeholders: parents, community,schools, education department and local government
Participatory Integrated Development Society
National Welfare Organization (NWO) Provides Technical Assistance to the Organization /Departments/Individuals in the field of public Health/Planning and Management/Health Services etc.
UNHCR Pakistan- United Nations High commission for Refugees Mainly assiting more than 1.7 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
Society of community Action process (SCAP) To improve social and physical environment for the disadvantaged people, especially women and children and to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by disaster or displacement.
MICRON WELFARE SOCIETY BALOCHISAN The Mission of MWSB is to educate, nurture, mobilize and empower the youth of low social and economic status to become productive, law-abiding citizens.
Society for Community Development (SCD) The main areas of work are Health, Education, Disaster management, Rights of Women & Children and poverty reduction.
Humanitarian organization for poverty eradication Welfare of poor, education and family-planning.



Rural Community Development Council (RCDC) Working to promote gender equality, social justice, democracy and tolerance through positive thinking and proactivism in the coastal communities of Makran.



Sohni Dharti Development Foundation Providing effective assistance for the sustainable socioeconomic uplift of the vulnerable communities.
Hujra- Holistic Understanding for Justified Research and Action The main thematic areas of HUJRA are eradication of poverty; gender mainstreaming, education, health, livilhood, disaster managment and conservation of natural resources.
Khushal Awareness & Development Organization (KADO) To educate the deprived and under privileged common folk about the basic human rights, projects to raise financial status particularly in women folk, Promote gender equality and empower women To fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT) Strives to improve the lives of under developed and vulnerable communities with special focus on women, youth and children in Khyber Pukthoonkhawa
Social Awareness and Development Organization (SADO) Engaged in a number of multi-sector programs on health, education, human rights, agriculture, livelihood and environment.Involved in the emergency programmes and relief efforts for the poverty and conflict affectees of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
Cottage industries promotion network
Conservators of Forest
Salik Development Foundation (SDF) SDF has started the process of community social mobilization and launched several developmental projects i.e Water supply, Sanitation, Environmental Protection, Health, Education, Agriculture development projects, Advocacy
Friends Welfare Association Committed towards the wellbeing of the communities surrounded by the widespread ignorance, poverty, multiple social backwardness, financial and educational problems.


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital The aims of the trust are prevention and control of blindness by providing standard and sustainable eye care services which are accessible and affordable
Lasoona LASOONA – Society for Human and Natural Resource Development” is a multi-disciplinary, development oriented organization. Committed to well being of masses through promoting ecologically sound development in remote and impoverished pockets of KPK
Fatma Welfare Foundation (FWF) Working for wide range multi-purpose social activities, formation of organizations and citizen community board (CCB’s) and Institutional capacity building.



IIRE- The Indus Institute for Research and Education
RWF- Root Work Foundation
Hayat-e-Nau. Society for Human development Commits itself to work for integral and sustainable human development and seeks to be in solidarity with the poor, marginalized and oppressed in their efforts for empowerment, development and the promotion of their dignity and human rights.
Dhartee Development Society
Association for betterment and Development of Human Being
Sindh Development Society (SDS) Social uplift of the backward areas of the province of Sindh. SDS is one of the few organizations with a wide-range agenda on development.
Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) improving the socio-economic conditions of rural communities and neglected segments of society, specially youth and women.
Pak Social Welfare Society It has been involved in the community development projects with partnership of International, National development organizations and Local Philanthropists.
Democratic Commission For Human Development DCHD is committed to create a tolerant, democratic and pluralistic society based on human rights principles and ideals
CAP – Consumers association of Pakistan Voice for Pakistani consumers. Protecting consumer rights



Ehsaas Foundation Works in the areas of health, education, empowerment of women, poverty alleviation, pollution control, and assistance with socio-economic problems.
Ghazi Town welfare association
GLOBAL HELPLINE WELFARE ORGANIZATION Goal of this NGO including the rural areas of Pakistan working on HEALTH and EDUCATION HIV AIDS and HEPATITIS awareness program
Ghosia Foundation Ghosia Foundation Pakistan is trying to help the poor, needy and the orphan
Sidhpur Development Foundation (SDF) To uplift Socio-Economic condition of the members through income generating opportunities.
To promote and encourage high quality of education at National and International level.
Hussaini Foundation
Alamgir Welfare Trust Free Health services for needy patients
Ambulance services
Buriyal services
Educational material provision
IRC- Indus Resource Center Education for girls, it has developed a comprehensive programme around rural development, including income generation, democracy, empowerment of the poor, disaster relief and recovery and advocacy support.
Indus Earth Trust Providing help to neglected coastal communities in Pakistan.
Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust (LKMWT) Educational facilities and Free Health Clinics
Dawood Khurshid Memorial foundation
Raasta development Consultants It has carried out extensive field based primary data research, developed training modules, handbooks and materials, initiated community development models, developed gender indicators as a cross cutting theme in all its work,
Thespianz Foundation Empowering the vision to spread basic education within the society by raising awareness of social, economic and human rights within the underprivileged elements of society.



Global Prosperity Network (GPN) Mission to alleviate poverty through community mobilization.
Kashmir Education Foundation To provide a ‘best of class modern and well rounded education, to the future young citizens of Pakistan from the underprivileged communities, with equal emphasis on female education & priority for rural areas
Bulandi welfare and Education Society Special emphasis on community participation and women’s empowerment, its primary attention is on poverty alleviation through conservation of natural recourse, social transformation and economic development in rural areas
Aman Welfare Health and Educational Society Helps out in the emergency phases of disaster focusing on rescue, recovery, replacement, reconstruction and rehabilitation
HRSP- Himalayan Rural support programme Relief and charity oriented organization Provision of basic livelihood to humanity for poverty alleviation without gender discrimination, cost and creed.
Kohsar Welfare & Educational Society (KWES)
Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA) Providing opportunities for the development of girls and young women, so that they become confident, patriotic and law abiding citizens
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital The aims of the trust are prevention and control of blindness by providing standard and sustainable eye care services which are accessible and affordable
Kashmir AIDS Consortium (KAC)
Kiran Welfare Organization
Durawa Development Organization To reduce the vulnerability of most marginalized communities, promote voluntarism, effective
partnership among organization and marginalized groups across the state, through exchange of
views and efforts

These were some of the NGO’s found all over Pakistan that are not only providing their services but also getting recognition. NGO’s working in Pakistan has made a prominent change in the people’s life.

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