My Last Day at School Essay For 10th Class with Quotations

The last day of school brings mingled fillings of Joy and sorrow into everyone’s life. Today is my last day at school. I’m very happy because flowering holidays are ahead but I’m sad too due to parting from my friends, teachers, and Alma mater. Here students read about My Last Day at School Essay For the 10th Class with Quotations. Moreover, now I’ll step into my college life as well and I’ll meet new teachers and friends. Today is our last day at school. My every classmate is very happy because they are going to step into college life. 9th class students have arranged a farewell party for us.

Today is a holiday and only 9th and 10th class students were asked to come to school. First of all, we will take some photographs with each other because photos are the best way to remember our past and happy moments. After taking some pictures the party began. One of the 9th-class students recites the Surah Yaseen to start the party. After this, they performed some dramas to make the day memorable. Our teachers have also arranged some competitions like banana-eating and many others. We are very excited to have a day like this.

My Last Day At School Quotations For 10th Class

We will provide here sad, famous last day of school quotes and Missing school life quotes. This is the day when teachers are treating us like their friends. We feel sad because we are going to miss our teachers as well as our fellow students. We have done many things with each other and never missed our last trip to Murree. Every teacher is advising us to do well in our future life.

My Last Day at School Essay For 10th Class

Essay on My Last Day at School with Quotations

Finally, the wait is over, our principal has arrived. Our principal is very polite as well as a Nobel person. He has advised us to work hard, so he can feel proud of us. He has also wished us to best of luck in our lives. The speech was full of emotions and motivation. At the end of the speech, everyone’s tears were shaded. In the end, he made a promise to us that we would work hard in the future. At the end of the day, we were served Samosas and Cold Drinks. We enjoyed that treat from our juniors. After eating those things the prize distribution started.

my last day at school essay with quotations

The principal has distributed prizes to all participants. After this, we moved to our homes with a dream in our eyes to work hard in the future. I’m going to miss my school life especially my last day at school. School may be hard, annoying, and irritating but admit it, you are going to miss it when it ends.

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