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Join Educators Family, Admission Opens

Join the Educators Family; it is being the innovator in School Franchise System, The Educators now transformed into the Biggest Educational Network in Pakistan. The Educators Family is providing Quality Education and focus on the Standardized Education System and it has schools to provide Education the bigger level in Pakistan because it has schools around the 200 cities across Pakistan.

Our Family has more than 150,000 Students receiving world-class Education all over Pakistan across 200 Cites schools. We are providing excellent academics, Sports, and Co-Curricularb hbn Activities to our students, Our Educators’ families produce lifelong learners and prepare them for a successful future in the Field of their Choice. The Educators Pre-school was launched in 2004 and today there are over 252 branches across Pakistan.

During the first few years of early childhood, children go through rapid physical and mental development and we offer a curriculum that is designed to provide a well-rounded and concrete foundation for the crucial early years of a child’s life as he/ she prepares for school.

The curriculum is based on active forms of learning, on stimulating a curious mind, on discovering, and learning is experiential (learning-by-doing) rather than learning that is based exclusively on books.

The Educators Family (Educators School System Pakistan) has announced its Admissions in the different Class for the Various cities (200 Cities Almost) Schools (252 branches across Pakistan), So the Educators School System has invitedasaszd the Application Forms form the Candidates whoq want to get the Admission in the various branches Respectively their Cities. If you want to get the Admission or you have kids and want their admission in the one of any branch of the Educators So you should apply as soon as possible because after the due dates applications will not be considered.

Registration and Admission

General Information:-

  • Registration starts in January and continues till the first week of March every year.
  • Registration forms are available at all schools.
  • Prospectus is provided at the time of registration.
  • All students must take, and clear, an oral and written admission test to gain acceptance (written test not applicable for pre-school).
  • A successful test clearance is necessary before qualifying for an interview.
  • The admission tests are prepare in accordance with the appropriate level for each class and are evaluate as per criteria chalk out by the School Head.
  • Admission results are announce within approximate 2 working days.


  • Deposit fee at the designated bank or school along with the completed registration form.
  • Schedule for date of interview and the admission test is announce.
  • An oral and written test is conduct as per schedule.
  • A child must first clear the written test before qualifying for the interview (written test not applicable for pre-school).
  • The child and his/her parents are interview by the School Head (and possibly also by attending staff members).
  • Should the child clear the admission test and the interview. The admission fee invoice is to be submit at the school to complete the admission process.

Admission Test:-

There is no written test for pre-school. The admission test for primary and secondary school is based on the following subjects and classes:

  • KG & I – English, Urdu, Mathematics and General Knowledge (oral).
  • Class II to VII – English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science.

The admission test is structure to fit onto one page with questions. All subjects and each paper is for 100 marks. Which  spread even across all subject .

No other personnel other than the designate invigilators  allow at the time of the test. The invigilators provide guidance and support to the children during the test if require.

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