Jobs and Career Options in NADRA Pakistan

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) is the leading system in Pakistan in way of identification andJobs and Career Options in NADRA Pakistan. NADRA has successfully implemented the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card & Multi-Biometric e-Passport solutions for Pakistan. NADRA is progressing time to time, now-a-days we are provided by computerized ID cards that are the only source of identification of a person living in Pakistan. NADRA assures citizens of full security of their data. And ensures that o illegal ID’s are issued that result in insecurity of our country. By their services border control system is developed.

As far as career at this organization is concerned, NADRA provide many technical and non-technical jobs. Majority of the designations/specifications have been tailored according to the needs of the organization. The list of the jobs and their elaborated jobs are given below.

Jobs and Career Options in NADRA Pakistan

  • Administration:

Identifies and implements improved streamlined processes

  • Customer Business Development:

It helps business enhance its capacity by enabling proactive interactions with customers

  • Ø  Customer Services/Integrated Logistics:

Management of the flow of materials/products and services and process finished products through the supply chain.

  • Engineering:

Develop new products or design new processes.

  • External Relations:

Functions as strategic business partner in various areas of public relations.

  • Finance & Accounting Management:

Provide financial leadership at all levels. Assist in budgeting and financial resource allocating and risk management

  • Human Resources:

Partner with management to set direction, develop and implement strategies. Manages, develops and deploy the human capital of the organization.

  • Ø  Information Technology:

Impact global market, leading business objectives by employing the state of the art technology.

  • Marketing:

Deploy plans to initiate innovative products, attractive for the stakeholders and the customers. Devise and develop promotional activities.

  • Procurement:

Providing support to the main function of the organization in all areas.

  • Research & Development:

Create and develop innovative products, processes and technologies so as to help improve the quality of life of the masses.


Not only professional and experienced people but also the students recently completed their studies are also preferred there. They are offered internships and the details are given below.

  • Senior Internee:

Candidates having 2 years Masters Degree or 4 years Bachelors Degree with one year experience are inducted as Assistant Manager (non-technical) or System Engineer (technical) for a period of six months

  • Junior Internee:

Candidates having 2 years Masters Degree or 4 years Bachelors Degree are inducted as Assistant Manager (non technical) or System Engineer (technical) for a period of six months

  • Student Internee:

Current students taking projects as part of their course are inducted for a period of three months in early June.

Along with their best facilities to the people of Pakistan they are serving their employees very well and making Pakistan a progressive country.

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