ISSB Test Sample Mcqs and Questions

If you are looking for the ISSB Test Sample Mcq’s and Questions then here is the right place. So, at ISSB psychological and outdoor tests are held. Therefore, the prepare for ISSB you cannot cram books or tests to pass. However, the ISSB test is meant for testing the aptitude and mentality of students. Here, I am giving you the complete detail of the ISSB Test Sample Mcq’s and Questions else than the interview conducted at the ISSB.

Psychological Test (Second day)

Firstly, these tests are in four parts as under:

Therefore, the thematic Apperception Test (TAT) – Commonly known as Picture Story writing.

  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SD)


Basically, your Handwriting is the mirror to judge your quality. So, by this ISSB Test Sample Mcq’s and Questions, you will able to learn. On the other hand, write neatly and legibly. Since these tests are designed to calculate your IQ, try and complete, as many questions as possible. But, at the same time, do not do so without thinking sufficiently. Even75% of the questions answered correctly will see you through. Since every test is co-related, be positive in what you write. However, your pen picture should tally with your thoughts pen down. Since you are being compared with all other candidates your best performance will take you to your ultimate goal.

ISSB Test Sample Mcq’s and Questions

WAT Word Association Test:

Mainly, write the first positive thought that comes to your mind. The time given is 15 seconds to write. The sentence need not be grammatically correct or the word used just to write a sentence. However, remember this is not a Make a sentence type exam. This is designed to test your inner thoughts. So be careful in whatever you write in ISSB Test Sample Mcq’s and Questions here.

ISSB Test Sample Mcqs

SRT (Situational Reaction Test)

The tests contain day-to-day practical incidents that you will be facing in your real life. So, write what actions you, Will be taking in case you are in those situations. Therefore, there are no rights or wrong answers; the best approach is to write a positive yet a good citizen will do. In fact, here your qualities such as Courage, helping attitude, empathy, responsibility, social interaction, boldness, honesty, etc are tested. However, write down the answers on a sheet of paper so that you can compare the same with some suggestions. (Never copy the suggestions for it might lead you to wrong conclusions)


The Thematic Story writing will be 12 in all. 11 of them are having some pictures and one does not have any. However, you will get about 3 minutes for each story. So, do not write stereotype stories. In fact, try different themes for different stories. Remember you are the Hero; the aim should be to bring out the leadership qualities of the hero through these stories.

The Qualities that you are to project through your stories are:-

  • Alertness, availability for tasks
  • Good behavior
  • Consideration
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Decision making
  • Endurance and enthusiasm
  • Fairness, flexibility
  • Honesty, hard work
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty, leadership.
  • Manners
  • Perseverance, patriotism
  • Resourcefulness
  • Straightforwardness
  • Smartness
  • Supportiveness
  • Tact, truthfulness
  • Zeal

Only during the perception test, you are required to give the age, sex, mood, and the number of groups of the persons you see in the picture. However, your story should such that it suits the picture yet tells the past is that what led to this situation what is happening in the picture? What will happen in the future?


Basically, every candidate will be asked to write a self-appraisal during the psychological test. Therefore, this will be the last part of the Psychological test. The aim of this is to make you commit to yourself regarding your knowledge about yourself.

The usual headings under which you will be asked to give out the appraisal is:-

  • What is your personal opinion about yourself?
  • What does your parent think of you?
  • Does your best friend think about you?
  • Does your worst enemy think of you?
  • What does your teacher think of you?
  • Are your strong points?
  • What are your weak points?
  • Are the qualities you would like to develop?

Tips: Go systematic. Suggested headings:

  • About your parents and place of birth and family background
  • Physical Attributes
  • Social Contacts
  • Education
  • Extracurricular activities, achievements
  • Your aims and goals. Both short term and long term
  • Religion


By carefully following the suggestions you will be able to Project your OLQ (Officer Like Qualities) to the selectors at the Services

Selection Board:

Remember, to be natural and calm, be yourself, do your best. But the interest of the group before your own, and always be alert. By being yourself your qualities are easily seen by the selectors. However, all the selectors are well trained. So please do not use any unfair means are bluff.

What do they judge at ISSB in Group Tasks?

  • Firstly, the Assessment of Candidate’s Participation within the formulated Rules
  • Secondly, the Planning and Intelligent Assessment of the situation
  • Then, the Individual Quality in context to the Group
  • However, assuming control of a Group to execute a task
  • Assess the problem from different angles
  • Assign responsibility to Teammates
  • Ability to realize the Potential of Group Members
  • Capacity to motivate others
  • Alertness
  • Creative Thinking
  • Putting the Group before the Self
  • Helping Tendency
  • Originality of Thought
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Cooperation with Others
  • Group Integration
  • Planning and Execution
  • Leadership Initiative


  • First of all, the Selection Board (No & Place) Batch No Chest No UPSC Roll No
  •  However, the Name in CAPITALS as in the application form
  •  Father’s Name
  •  Place of maximum residence
  •  Present Address (With Approximate
  • In fact, the population of the City/town/village)
  •  Permanent Address (With Approximate population of the City/town/village)
  • (Whether District HQ or Not)
  • Fill in the details below:
  • State & District Religion Whether/ST Mother Tongue Date of Birth
  • Married/Single/Widowed
  • Parents Alive Yes/No
  • However, if not alive your age at the time of Father’s/Mother’s Death
  • So, the Parents/Guardians Occupation /Income (As applicable)
  • In fact, the Particulars Education Occupation Income per Month
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Guardian
  • No of brothers
  • No of sisters
  • However, your ranking amongst your brother and sister
  • Such as your Educational Record(Commencing from matriculation /Equivalent Examination):-
  • S.No Qualification Acquired Name of Institute Year Division & Marks% Medium of Instruction
  • Border/Day Scholar Out Standing Achievement if any
  • Matric/Higher Secondary
  • 10+2
  • B.A/B.Sc/B.Com
  • Professional
  • Age ( Year & Months) / Height (in Meter) Weight (in Kilograms)
  • N.C.C Training  Yes/No
  • Total Training (if Yes) (Give details below)
  • Total Training Wing Division Certificate Obtained
  • Participation in Games & Sports
  • Games/Sports Period or Duration of Participation Represented School/College/University
  • Outstanding Achievement, if any
  • b)Hobbies/Interest
  • c) Participation in Extracurricular activities:-
  • Name of the activity group Duration of Participation Outstanding achievement if any
  • Position of responsibility/Offices held in NCC/Scouting
  • Sports team/Extra-curricular group and other fields:-
  • Nature of Commission
  • Choice of Service
  • However, the Number of chances availed for a commission in all three services
  • So, the Details of the last interview, if any (Air Force/Navy/Army Selection Board)
  • S.No Type of Entry Place and ISSB No Date Batch and Chest No Recommended/Not
  • Recommended


Basically, follow the suggestions to get clear the interviews, your answers come under the Candidates Reaction and the right way of answering comes under Suggestion

1. WAR

Candidate’s reactions: a) Peace overcomes war

b) War is destruction

c) I hate war

d) War means bloodshed

Suggestion: Love Peace, but be prepared for war


Candidate: a) Everyone loves peace (Acceptable)

b) I love peace

c) Peace brings Progress (Very Good)


Candidate: a) work is worship

b) Hard work pays (Acceptable)

c) Hard work leads to success (Very Good)

d) Work while you work play while you play (Avoid using proverbs)


Candidate a) Defeat the enemy

b) Defeat the defeat

c) Defeat -don’t get upset

d) Don’t get depressed by defeats (Acceptable)

Suggestion: a) Defeat teaches us lessons.

b) Analyze causes of defeat to succeed


Candidate: a) I Love my Country (Good)

b) Serving our country is Nobel (Acceptable)

c) It’s our duty to safeguard our country (A)

d) Country first self next

6. HOME Suggestion: Home teaches us, Manners




30. WITHDRAW, 31.TIRED, 32.RISK, 33.BOAT, 34. STEP, 35. FIGHT, 36. PROBLEM, 37. MACHINE,





7. Luck plus hard work leads to success

8. Ghost stories are famous in England

9. Always trust your leader

10. Enjoy the good company of friends

11. Playground teaches us many lessons

12. Character is a virtue

13. Apart from studies involve in sports

14. Happiness overcomes sadness

15. Don’t worry about failures

16. Success is the fruit of hard work

17. My garden has many kinds of flowers

18. Pakistan army is known for its patriotism

19. Music can cure diseases

20. Pakistan won the 1965 war

21. Jogging keeps us in good health

22. it’s our custom to respect elders

23. I have a great affection towards my parents

24. Fortune and hard work makes one succeed

25. Engineers are capable of rectifying faults

26. Snakes poison is used as medicine

27. Always help others

28. Co-operate with your neighbors

29. I am a responsible person

30. Yesterday I withdrew my savings to help the poor

31. When interested in work one feels seldom tired

32. Soldiers risk their lives for their motherland

33. Boats are used to cross dangerous rivers

34. Failure is a stepping stone for success

35. Fight for a noble cause

36. Every problem has a solution

37. Machine is the backbone of the industry.

38. Leaders always lead

39 . Education systems in India is good

40. Don’t be afraid of obstacles

41. Take things seriously and work

42. Child was saved when he was drowned in the river

43. Analyze the situation and jump into action

44. Opinions always differ

45. Exercise protects us from diseases

Story Writing Tips

  • Thematic writing is given to judge your imagination and positive thoughts.
  • When you start writing the story remember the following:
  • The story should have a Past
  • the present (i.e. what is happening in the scene)
  • The Future.
  • In the story, the hero/heroine may be seen/or imagined
  • The hero should bring out his good quality.
  • The story should be about 12 to 15 sentences

3 for Past

6 for Present

3 for future

Dos and Don’ts AT  ISSB:


1. On arrival introduce yourself to the reception staff and show your documents.

2. Make as many friends as possible at the reception center itself.

3. Remember you are being judged by your own batch mates right from the word go. Behave like a perfect Gentleman.

4. Keep a record of all the Biodata, for you will need this to fill up your arrival info form.

5. Do not give any false statements.

6. Always dress up neatly and appear smart. Before you leave your room spend a minute in front of the mirror. A man/woman is judged by others, by what he wears and what he speaks.

7. At the railway station itself buy a city guide it will help you to know about the city and its places of importance, bus route, train timings, etc.,

8. Always address the group as Gentlemen or friends. His/her chest number allotted by the board should be used. (During Discussion and test only.)

9. Know each person in your group by naming his qualification; this will help you during GTOs Task. Try and become popular with them.

10. Take initiative, be co-operative. Listen to others. As the time is at a premium during discussions, speak up. Be bold and express yourself clearly be brief and do not repeat what others have said. It is better to speak either first or second so that you will have an opportunity to put forward your points.

11. During Psychological tests, always write positive sentences/story it should bring out the officer-like qualities (of which you have been taught.)

12. During the interview if you do not know any answer politely say “I am sorry Sir, I don’t know.”

13. be calm, cool, and attentive. Smile while you enter the interviewing room and also say thank you, at the time of departure. Your handshake should be firm.

14. The interviewing officer is a qualified gentleman, never bluff, you will get caught and spoil your chances of success.

15. be confident, rehearse some favorite questions.


1. No lies/falsehood, please.

2. You have no bad points except to overwork to get perfection in any task undertaken.

3. Do not waste your time unnecessarily read some magazines.

4. Don’t be tense take it easy, always think before you answer.

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