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In the Name of Books

Reading and collecting books is a great hobby; something that not only benefits oneself but can also be of use to the coming generations. Reading for fun in the form of comics and romances has its significance. However, serious and purposeful reading enables one to be affluent with the language and broaden the horizons of one’s thinking and understanding of life and world at large.

With the advent of computers, however, reading habits of people generally have suffered a downfall due to increasing trends of chatting and net surfing occupying any leisure time available. Whatever reading is indulged in, it is through the net or computer itself and not books. As a result the demand for books has been negatively affected.

If reading for the sake of reading is what you are interested in then there are numerous sources where you can easily have access to good books, with less attractive exteriors though. The most basic and important source of books at a good bargain price are the book fares held by book stores and publishing houses once or twice every year. Then there are the book bazaars every Sunday as well. Besides these, you will be surprised at the amount of good books you can come across at those seemingly ‘good for nothing’ push carts loaded with books.

The point that needs emphasising, is the inculcating of the reading habit in the younger generation. It is sad to see how informative and in-depth books are neglected and disregarded these days for the sake of superficial stuff like fashion and showbiz magazines and comics.

People underestimate the extent of positive influence that a good book can have on the mind’s perception and evaluation abilities. Nothing can replace the satisfaction that can be derived through carrying around a precious book in your hands and being able to dwell in the world that the words in those pages reveal to you, no matter where you are.

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