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Importance of Science and Technology in Pakistan

Science and Technology is term of art it’s frequently appears the day basis work, Academic discipline and offices. Science is knowledge and technology is doing. Science can be defined the study of thing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  Psychology, Geology, Sociology, Genetics and more other fields of study that analyze interaction, behaviors, physical properties, effects, causes in the order to rationalize or establish given properties.

Technology, refers generally to items of use created from Applied Science, A good example of this is the production of Solar panels. Solar panels are used in a variety of different technologies, Difference between science and technology basic research and applied research. Basic research is corresponds to science aims at merely increasing the quantum or sum of knowledge.

Applied research which corresponds to technology on the country, aims at finding technological applications for scientific knowledge the modern governments and industries are concerned more with useful technologies then with the pursuit of knowledge.


Importance of Science and Technology in Pakistan

Since independence in 1947, Pakistan has seen as influx of, engineer, doctor, and technicians in the growing field of science and technology.

Nuclear Science:

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan tested six indigenous developed atomic devices in 1998. Pakistan became the seventh nuclear power country in the world.


The first Pakistani winner of a Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Abdus Salam in 1979. In the 1960s and 1970s Pakistani physicists contributed greatly to the fields of theoretical physics, nuclear physics, and other fields.


Noted and influential engineers and inventors include Munir Ahmad Khan, referred to as the “technical father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb”; Ashraf Choudhary, scientist in agricultural engineering; and Abdul Qadeer Khan, a Pakistani nuclear scientist and a metallurgical engineer, widely regarded as the founder of gas-centrifuge enrichment technology.

IT and Software Industry:

PSEB, the Pakistan Software Export Board, was founded in 1995 to promote the IT industry of Pakistan. PSEB facilitates finance, marketing, setup, consultation, and human resources for Pakistani IT companies, negotiates with utility vendors, and establishes offices and IT parks.

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