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How to Write a Report for Examination Purpose in College

“Report is a written form of all combined information collected about particular topic or subject.”


To write a report a particular format is followed. From subject to subject it may differ in some aspects but mainly the core format is alike. Here I will explain you about the format and its significance too.

  • Title
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Aim and objective
  • Methodology
  • Body
  • Citation
  • References

How to Write a Report for Examination Purpose in College

How to Write a Report for Examination Purpose in College


The heading of the topic we are writing about is the most important part of a report because;

  1. It is first read sentence of the report
  2. It is the most read part of a report.

The title chosen for the report should be clear and complete. Along with it title should attract readers.


Thanking the people who helped you in accomplishing the task is the very kind thing to do. But it is not the necessary part of the report. If you want to mention it you may but if you don’t feel right you can just ignore acknowledging.


Abstract is the most important part of the report. It is not only must but after the title the second most read part. Abstract gives the complete summary of the report in not more than a paragraph. It basically acts as a shop window to attract reader and give a brief review to the report. It is written in the end of complete report but when published it is written placed just after the title or acknowledgement.


Introduction’s main aim is to give highlights about the importance of the subject. While writing an introduction we bring the reader’s mind from general to specific point i.e. our topic. Introduction gives an authentic tone to our report and because of it we can get an insight to the writer’s mode of thought. Introduction also helps us know the implications of the report that might have.


Aim and objective of the report is mentioned in this portion this gives the reason that why the writer is compiling the report and what effect it can infer on us. Aim and objective is not very long.


The methodology of a report can be of two types;

  • Qualitative:

The methodology of the report in which desk research is done and the researcher or writer do not go into the field to collect data.

  • Quantitative:

Quantitative research is accomplished when a researcher collect the data himself from the field in the area of his interest to compile a report.

The writer has to mention the methodology of research so that it is easy for a reader to skim through the report according to his interest, that whether he want to read qualitative or quantitative research.


 The most important and the lengthy part of the report is discussion or body that unfolds and explains the data in a logical manner. Discussion moves from specific to general and explains the research with logics and illustrates it with different figures, graphs or pictures. Moreover, writer gives evidences to prove his claim in this part of the report. In this part we also deduce a conclusion of our research.


After that we have concluded our research we mention citation. Citation gives authenticity to our research as we use former known knowledge combined with our research to present a report. To make it obvious that whatever we are researching is a loophole in previous researches and that writer have solved it we provide citation.


Last but not the least we end our report by providing references to material we referred for our research whether it was qualitative research or quantitative. This helps reader to consult the places we did during our report making, to make it authentic.

This is how we compile our report. Good luck writing your future reports.

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