How to Speak English Frequently Very Well

English speaking is very important thing for everyone because it is the way to communicate any person All in the world. Because it is the most widely used in the world. It is the spoken as the 1st language majority of the inhabitants of several nations including the United States,United Kingdom, Ireland,  Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We will teach you here about English spoken very frequently and very well. Most important things to learn English speaking and then you can speak English frequently very well and those things are
1: Intensive grammar
2: USE Dictionary and improve your vocabulary
3: Consonants and Speech Sounds
4: Books and Story Books Reading
5: Music listening and movie watching
6: Presentation and try to speak

How to Speak English Frequently Very Well Practical guide Here

1: Intensive grammar:

Grammar is very important for the speaking English. If you would like to build-up your English grammar knowledge then we are providing some grammar course out lines here it will be helpful for your English speaking and communicating.

1. Grammar Terminology, Basics, Present Tense
2. Preposition Use I
3. Adjectives and Adverbs
4. Past Simple / Present Perfect
5. Modals Forms I / Gerund or Infinitive
6. Preposition Use II
7. Prepositions II
8. Future Tenses / Question Forms Review
9. The Passive Voice / Reported Speech
10. Conditionals / Modal Verbs of Probability
11. Clauses
12. Review I
13. Review II

2: USE Dictionary and improve your vocabulary:

We all know about that grammar is very important but without a large vocabulary it’s difficult to express what you want.Dictionary is the best way to expand your vocabulary but every thing has a method Here we will tell you some course to expand your vocabulary.

1. Building Your Vocabulary: Tips and Strategies
2. Collocations: Words that Go Together
3. Vocabulary Groups: The Most Important Nouns Grouped by Theme
4. Idiomatic Language
5. Phrasal Verbs
6. Confusing Words: Common Problem Pairs
7. On-The-Job Vocabulary
8. British and American English: Vocabulary Differences

3: Speech Sounds:

What is a speech sound? A speech sound is nothing but air that is released from your lungs and modified at the larynx (voice box in the throat   more pronounced in men than in women boys go through voice change more conspicuously than girls do as their larynx obtains a larger size during puberty the bump called Adam’s Apple in front of their throat and at various filters in the oral cavity and nasal cavity.The articulatory configuration for consonants includes knowing the following three features:

1.   Phonation or voicing
2.   Place of articulation
3.   Manner of articulation

Here for the Speech consonants


This is the English consonantal system using symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Labial-velar Glottal
Nasal m n ?
Plosive p  b t  d k  ?
Affricate t?  d?
Fricative f  v ?  ð s  z ?  ? (x) h
Approximant ? j w
Lateral j

4: Books and Story Books Reading:

Books readings and story books are also most important for the vocabulary expand because we can learn social life speaking from books specially from the story books. And we can learn from books that how to speak very frequently.

5: Music listening and movie watching:

We can learn English language and spoken from the movies and music. Therefore should see the movies because mostly global English use  in the English movies which is helpful for our spoken English. Music language is the some different from the our life therefore its not more beneficial but we can expand our vocabulary and can gain the confidence from the music.

6: Presentation and try to speak:

Presentations are also important for the frequently English speaking when we present our presentation on the stage then we can feel our mistakes and we can see that how much we can speak frequently and how we need to more speaking power. And we need to apply it in our life because when we speak English to our family and friends then can judge that we know English but its our lack of confidence that we do not use English but its very beneficial to use in our business and our global life.

Please keep in touch with us because we will teach your more about it. It was a introduction about English speaking but we will provide you English courses here. Studysols

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