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How to Overcome Fear of Examination

Exams are held to check the analytical abilities of the students. The main purpose of exam is to evaluate the skills of the students. Although it is important to get good marks in your exams but gaining knowledge to utilize in practical life is very important. In this age of competition every student wants to take lead from the other in order to get admission in the university on merit basis. This entire situation has made a student to fear from exams.

As a result of all these stresses they are unable to overcome the fear of examinations. Another main reason which is quite dominant in making a student fear from the examination is improper planning and strategy for study. Therefore it is necessary for a student to overcome the fear of examinations if they want to achieve higher grades in the exams. I want to share with you some important tips which would be very useful for you to overcome the fear of examinations.

How to Overcome Fear of Examination

How to Overcome Fear of Examination

  • Start making study plans from the very first day of your class rather than accumulating the entire burden for the last two months before examination. Our examination system plays an important role in this regard because in a semester exam system students start doing preparing themselves for the exams from the first day and syllabus is also short but in the annual system all the burden remain till the end. Therefore a student has to do planning for the study. A good student is capable of attempting any kind of paper in any kind of situation whether it is annual examination system or semester examination system.
  • Begin your exam preparation in advance. Make a study time table and divide your subjects and topics into different parts. Set small targets and try to achieve those targets. Don’t waste time in useless activities liking watching TV, playing games and other activities rather think of exam when paper comes in front of you. It also doesn’t mean that you start thinking of exams every time. Take your time to freshen yourself and then start study. Follow the time table strictly and make proper rules for study. One of the most common reasons for the student to feel fear is lack of preparation. There are many students who take studies lightly, thus leaving everything to be studied at the last minute. Don’t show this kind of irresponsible behavior rather do study seriously so that at the last moment you can do well in exams. By proper study you will feel very confident.
  • When you will start doing proper study then you will build confidence that you can attempt any kind of question. Solve past papers, do regular practice, give short test because there is no other way to overcome the fear of exams without proper study.
  • A few weeks before the examination revise your syllabus properly so that you should enhance your knowledge and remove your shortcomings.
  • Always think about positive circumstances. Think of your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Parents should also help their children to think positive about exams. Parents should be involve with them and make sure that they don’t take too much exam tension before the exams because it will definitely decrease their learning power. Parents should help them and support them as well.

Before a night in the exam don’t take too much tension. I have seen that most of the students take overstress and in this way they forget all the things. Remember that stress decrease your efficiency and thinking power so stay away from stress. Take breaks from the study. Take adequate sleep and give proper rest to your brain and body.

An important thing to remember is that avoid studying anything new just before the exam. This will cause more anxiety and you may forget what you have already learned. While solving a paper if you feel blank about some question just skip that question and start another one, you will remember the answer at any stage of your exam. Always remember that you can only overcome the fear of examinations by serious and effective preparation of exam.

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