How To Improve Your Writing Skills Of English

There are many ways from where you can improve your writing skills of English language. In this modern age everybody requires good English. English is an international language therefore it has great importance in this century. In these days if someone has good command over English then he can earn better livelihood. English Language has a great impact on everybody life whether he is a businessman, teacher or a student.

Nobody can deny the importance of English Language. Especially if someone wants to be an article writes, column or feature writer then he should improve his English language writing skills. There are many ways to improve writing skills. Here are some methods below which can help you out.


How To Improve Your Writing Skills Of English

  • Motivate yourself.
  •  Have faith in your abilities.
  • Find out ways near you that can best help you.
  • Listen to the English news channels and try to follow the accent. The more you listen, the more you learn.
  • Try to speak English language in a fluent way. Once you will make a habit of speaking English then you can easily convert your ideas into English language.
  • Read a good English newspaper and select your topic of interests and then find the meanings of difficult words in that topic. Read that topic again and again to understand the complete topic. Add new words in your memory. It is better to make a diary and note down the words. Make a list and try to use new words in your writings.
  • Grasp the contextual meanings of difficult words to understand the topic completely.
  • Focus on your grammar skills for example correct use of tenses and forms of verbs.
  • Find out the weaker area in your writing so that you can improve your mistakes.
  • Try to visit your nearest library so that your vision can be broader. If it is not possible to visit Library then try to read the books of good writers.
  • Read new articles on the internet so that you can have an idea of writing skills.
  • Take part in English debates and declamation contest.
  • Take part in story writing and essay writing competition at your school, college or university level. There are good numbers of opportunities in college level. Don’t be hesitant but actively participate in such activities.
  • Give proper time, if you want to improve your skills. Remember that punctuality will benefit you the most; otherwise these tips would be useless.
  • By strictly following the above tips, you will feel confident and you will surely notice improvement in yourself. In order to check yourself select any topic randomly. Try to express your ideas by writing an article or essay on it. Once you have written the essay/article then consult your English teacher to know your mistakes. Discus that topic with your teacher so that get to know your mistakes.

If you will honestly follow these tips then you will find a positive change in your writings within three months. You will become a good speaker and a good writer.

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