How to improve Writing Skills in English Free

Improving your writing is all about choosing the right words and these are sentences structure to convey your ideas and messages in a clear and compelling manner. Here we will discuss How to improve Writing Skills in English Free in simple manners. Although writing is often a lonely activity, You can more learn from the other writers and they share ideas and thoughts and seek feedback from a variety of outside sources. Literacy, as a linguistic term, means reading and writing. A person who can read and write is a literate person. Great scholars and philosophers express their lofty ideas through their writings. Any material which is in the written form becomes significant from preservation and record.

If you are looking for the How to Improve Writing Skills in English Free then you are in right place. Even the plays of the Elizabethan age receive appreciation today on the basis of written texts preserved as great works. From the first scratch of a schoolchild to the composition to the scientific theories and research theses, We have “written” material in some of the other forms. But to give a proper definition to the world “write” is not an easy job. However, we shall take some sort of explanation of this term.

How to Improve Writing Skills in English Free

“Write” means “To make letters or numbers on a surface, especially using a pen or pencil.

The other definition of writing skill is ” Encoding of a message of some kind for example translation of thoughts into languages,” Reading involves the “decoding “or interpretation of this message.

How to improve Writing Skills in English Free

When we write, we use graphic symbols that is letter or combination of the letter which is related to the sounds we make when we speak. Writing can be the act of forming those graphics symbols making marks on a flat surface of some kind. But this skill is much more than the production of graphics symbols just as a speech is more than the production of sounds. The symbols have to arrange, according to the other conventions, to form words, and these words have to be arranged to form sentences keeping in view the syntax rules. Therefore, For composing a text, a conscious mental effort is needed. To view writing according to white, we may have:

“Writing is a form of problem-solving which involves such process and generating ideas discovering a “voice” with which to write, planning goal setting, monitoring and evaluating what is going to be written.

As compared to speaking where the receiver of the communication is facing the speaker, writing has a disadvantage and needs some other devices to compensate for this shortcoming.

Mechanics of Writing:

  • A proper noun begins with a capital letter. Examples: Muhammad, Osama, and Omer.
  • Capitalized the name of people and pet6s.Example: Geography, the Jacksons, and Rex.
  • Capitalize titles such he as Miss or Mr., and initials.
  • Capitalize every important word in the names of particular places and things. Examples: San Franucit much,
  • Lake Michigan, Clover hill road, and Avenue of the Americas.
  • The pronoun I always capitalized. For example: when I go to Florida, I’II visit uncle Harry.
  • Capitalized the first word and the last word and all important words in the title of a story, poem, or report.
  • Example: all the world’s stage; The Horse dealer’s daughter, The world’s highest mountain (Report).

Create action and Motivation:

Using the strong action words in the simple, past, and future tenses. More prefer the active voice and passive voice. For example, the active voice tense is: “he drove the horses through the right….”, and then it changed the stronger passive voice, “the horses were driven through the night”.

Improve your vocabulary:

Consult style specific and special to your field of interest. When we speak the English words and English language then our vocabulary increased and improves.

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