How to Get Job from Telecom Sector Tips and Complete Guide

There has been too much progress in the telecom industry over the past few years. All this happened because of increase of usage of mobiles of the people. So to give them facilities the services of telecom Engineers are required. In Pakistan many universities are providing Telecom education to the students.

After getting 4 years degree in Telecom Engineering a fresh graduate has to make his place in the job market. The telecom engineer career is a fairly new development in engineering specialties and has come about along with the growth of telecommunication industry. Let’s give you idea about telecom engineering.

How to Get Job from Telecom Sector Tips and Complete Guide

How to Get Job from Telecom Sector Tips and Guide

What is the work of Telecom Engineer?

Telecom Engineers are responsible for establishing communication by means of telephones, telegraph, radar, radio, radio navigation aids, TV, and Teleprinters. Telecom Engineers deal with line and wireless communication or radio communication, line communication is handled by telephone engineers. Telecommunications engineering involves dealing with complex switching systems, networks, and optical cables.

Specialty areas in Telecom Engineering:

  • OSP Engineers
  • RF/Wireless Engineers
  • ATM/Sonnet Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Transmission Engineers
  • AV Engineers

Telecom Engineering is favorable for those students who will be interested in the fields given below because all these terms are associated with telecom engineering.

  • Satellite communication
  • Signal and image processing
  • Optical fiber and phonetics
  • Mobile satellite communication
  • Data networks
  • Data coding, compression, encryption and transmission
  • Software systems including e-commerce
  • Microelectronic devices and systems
  • Real time embedded systems

After the completion of the course the students can find job in the following fields/industries in Pakistan:

  • Communication/signal processing industry e.g. DSP design and implementation, cellular Mobile, RF planning, Broadband system, Migration from 2G to 3G and from 3G to 4G communication.
  • Electrical and Electronic industry
  • Aerospace/Defense Industry
  • Teaching career in University

After going through above all the description about telecom engineering you must have a good idea about telecom engineering. Now let me explain about telecom sector of Pakistan.

Telecom sector is divided into three categories.


We have six operators:

  • UFone,
  • Telenor,
  • Zong,
  • Warid,
  • Mobilink
  • PTCL


Operators hire a (network) vendor to build and maintain their Networks which means that vendors install the telecom equipment on the operator’s cell sites. List of vendors, which are working in Pakistan, is given below:

  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Nokia Siemens Network (NSN)
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Alcatel


Vendors hire sub-cons to do majority of tasks. The major sub-cons working in Pakistan are:

  • Netkom
  • Tier-4
  • AceWorks
  • Celeros
  • Dancom
  • Turno Tech
  • Teleways
  • F&D
  • Interses
  • Hi-Rise
  • Enercom
  • Mobi Serve
  • FIST
  • Vital
  • Hitech
  • Apollo Telecom
  • MySon
  • And many others.

Now after reading the above discussion, you must be thinking that how to find the job in telecom sector in Pakistan? I will tell you tips to find job in telecom industry in Pakistan.  Let you know that operators and vendors are pay well as compare to sub-cons. So you have to enter in the field as a sub-cons engineer or internee in any of the company.

First of all try to get your degree from a well known educational institute of Pakistan because some companies have direct contact with the good institutes and they hire fresh graduates. Getting your degree from a reputable institution matters a lot. In our country there are many institutes who are giving just degree and every year thousands of graduates are thrown into the market and there are just hundred good jobs available.

If you have good contacts or references then you can get job easily whether studied from any institute it’s a bitter truth but reality. It is not necessary that everyone has strong references or get degree from famous institutes. If you don’t fall in between these two situations/ categories then you have to struggle at your own. You have to start from entry level.

It is noticed that most of the student dream of getting high paying job just after the completion of the degree but it is not possible in reality. You have to get start from the entry level. In start you have to work as internee in any company. Try to apply at all the networking sectors like TV channels and other networking companies.

You should start your job at a sub-con. Visit all the sub-cons personally and drop your CV there. Keep following them up and don’t lose hope. Keep visiting the sub-con again and again. You will get job soon. After joining the sub-con don’t think of just getting salary but motivate yourself and adopt a learning attitude.

At the initial level you will be pay from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. Remember that you deserve more than this so keep learning from your seniors and learn every single step. Keep doing this job to get the professional experience and surely the day will come when you will be rewarded for your struggle.

It is recommended that you should struggle a lot to make your place in telecom sector of Pakistan. No one can achieve a goal without continuous struggle remember that getting a degree is one thing but getting into job hunt is another thing. So keep trying you will see your dream come true very soon.

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